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The steps at the heart of single-subject research are part of the everyday practice of social work. Each day social workers implement interventions to meet clients’ needs and monitor results. However, conducting proper single-subject research entails far more than these simple day-to-day practices. Proper single-system research requires a high degree of knowledge and commitment. Social workers must fully understand the purpose and variations of the design. They must develop a hypothesis based upon research and select the right design for testing it. They must ensure the reliability and validity of the data to be collected and know how to properly analyze and evaluate that data.
In this Assignment, you devise a plan to evaluate the evidence-based intervention that you are applying with your chosen client. In particular, you must prepare to monitor progress using measures that can be evaluated in a single-subject research design. You must also draw from the research literature to set the context and need for the study.
• Review the work you have done thus far in Weeks 1, 2, and 3 with your chosen client, namely the identified issue, evidence-based intervention, and single-subject design. You will use this work to develop a research plan for a single-subject design study on your client.
• Scan through the provided single-subject design studies in the Learning Resources again to understand the typical structure.
• Download the Single-Subject Design Template from the Learning Resources and use it to complete this Assignment.
Submit a 4- to 5-page proposal/research plan for single-subject evaluation for your work with your chosen client. Identify the problem that you will target, the outcomes that you will measure, the evidence-based intervention, and the evaluation design. Include the following sections:
• Introduction
• Literature Review
• Methodology
• Setting and Intervention
• Expected Results
Use the Learning Resources and peer-reviewed scholarly journal articles to support your paper. Make sure to include appropriate APA citations and a reference list.



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