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at the Art Institute (or FMNH OR VIRTUALLY anywhere, online) Worksheet/lab for Nutrition At the Museum, choose a culture from among the many displays. Answer the following questions about their diets, health, and culture. The answers to the questions will NOT be on the signs! You will have to spend some “book work or library time” on the questions in order to fully answer and interpret them. Your answers should be typed and the entire assignment should be approximately 4 to 6 pages typed text (double spaced, one inch margins all around, and 12 point print size). Additional pages are accepted if they have pertinent photos or drawings on them. List the exhibit title, hallway number, and any Museum identity numbers on the artifacts used to gather your information and reach your conclusions. Include a reference page. This project should be approximately 4 to 6 pages typed…longer with pictures! Worth 50 points!!! Describe where (and when) the culture on display is found. 2-3 paragraphs with references List relics/artifacts on display that help you to determine this culture’s diet. (photos or sketches in addition to your description add points to this question) Are there any health problems in this culture (or lack of health problems)? Can diet explain this? (Use the library to help answer this!) 4-6 paragraphs with references Compare their diets to “ours” (Average American, 2000 cal/day). How does theirs measure up? Explain the differences in fat, protein and starch consumption, as well as vitamins and minerals ingested. 4-6 paragraphs with references

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