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    The company you are currently working for has decided to increase your responsibilities by adding you to a newly established committee for a new project. Your manager feels that your experience and skills are suited for the position on the committee. You are currently overwhelmed by work, and given the lack of incentives (neither added compensation nor a promotion), you have decided to politely decline. Write an email to your General Manager explaining the situation. (Note: this is not a letter of resignation. You are merely declining the added responsibility while still remaining at your current job).



Subject Functional Writing Pages 3 Style APA


Subject Line: Declining the Opportunity to Join the Newly Established Committee 

Dear General Manager,

            I want to sincerely thank the management of the organization who has recognized by ability to perform extra responsibilities with efficacy. For this reason, the management has decided to include me as a member of the new committee that has been formed in the organization.

            I am sorry to inform you that I am unable to exploit this opportunity. I appreciate the effort that the management has taken to observe and monitor my work performance. Indeed, they have been impressed with my work performance and have concluded that I possess the relevant proficiencies to perform the responsibilities of the recently formed committee. However, I am declining this offer because I am currently overburdened with the organizational duties and responsibilities. Moreover, I am expecting any compensation or promotion from the organization. As recommended by University of Minnesota. (2015), prompt communication is key and a critical trait of a good employee. Given that the organization is impressed with my performance, I humbly believe that they will find it wise to either promote or reward me as a way of motivating me to continue working hard. As such, I do not want to overburden myself with many duties as this might hinder my performance. Essentially, increasing my workload by the organization is likely to hinder my performance and I may not perform exemplary as I used to.

            For these reasons, I humbly request you to consider reducing my current work accountabilities so that I can become a member of the newly established committee (or carry out the committee responsibilities with efficacy), or you can accept my humble request of not becoming a member of this committee. I will really appreciate your consideration.


Name of Sender of Email…………….

Signature ………………..

Date …………………….


University of Minnesota. (2015, November 25). 17.1 delivering a negative news message – Business communication for success. Open Textbooks · University of Minnesota Libraries. Retrieved February 9, 2021, from https://open.lib.umn.edu/businesscommunication/chapter/17-1-delivering-a-negative-news-message/




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