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    DB: Defenses To Criminal Culpability

    Read Focus 4.2 (Page 78 in your textbook) Outrageous Government Conduct
    View the video about the Julius Darius Jones Murder case in the link provided here: https://abcnews.go.com/US/death-row-inmates-legal-team-hopes-dna-testing/story?id=56679140
    Search the Internet for more information regarding the Jones case. Focus on the defense’s trial strategy, the prosecutor’s behavior, the judge’s behavior, the jury’s verdict, and the subsequent media response.
    Based on your research and utilizing the proper terminology from your textbook, answer the following questions:
    Do you believe the verdict in Jones’ trial involved Outrageous Government Conduct? Why or why not?
    Do you believe that Jones received a fair trial? Why or why not?

    Answer the questions with a minimum 300-word response.

    Do you agree with their opinion? Why or why not? Explain.



Subject Law and governance Pages 2 Style APA


Defenses to Criminal Culpability

The purpose of any murder trial is to prove whether the defendant committed the act or not, and to arrive at a fair decision, both the accused and the victim’s family should be given an equal and fair chance at the trial. A chance to be heard without discrimination, bribery, witness and evidence tampering. Julius Jones case presents a classic judicial miss trial, where due diligence is not followed. The trial involved outrageous government conduct, ranging from racism, bias to gross negligence from both the prosecutor, jury, defense attorney and the presiding judge. The constitution grants individuals right to fair trial just as much as it emphasizes the right to life, this case in no small extent disregarded jones right to fair judicial process by failing to consider all the available options and discerning the different witness intentions before arriving at the death sentence.

From the follow-ups made by various rights activist and the media, it is clear that Mr. Jones did not receive a fair trial. Most of the activities leading to his arrest and eventual death sentence appeared stage-managed. The investigation by the prosecutor and the evidence collection was conducted covertly by cutting deals with another co-defendant, Christopher Jordan who gives leads on where to find the evidence that was substantially relied upon by the judge and the jury to give a verdict. Additionally, the trial was marred with racism as an all-white jury voted in favor of the conviction disregarding all the prevailing circumstance of the case.  Similarly, the court-appointed lawyer did not call for any witness or even the defendant himself to testify despite all the available avenues to do so, which only serves to arouse suspicion out of the outcome. Lastly, the cover-up by the sitting judge who even after being informed of the glaring racism in the jury’s verdict cement my position that the process was not fair hence the verdict.







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