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    In your own words, PLEASE answer all aspects of each questions properly in 1 concise one page.

    Describe a significant event from your clinical day.
    Discuss the impact the event had on you in terms of increasing your understanding of ADVANCED practice nursing.
    Your journal entry should be reflective of your specific learning/development of insight.
    Identify the learning that resulted from reflecting on the described event.
    What specific thing(s) did you learn and how will you apply that learning in your practice?
    What feelings, prejudices and biases did you experience during your clinical experience?
    How did you manage them? How did you manage your anxiety? and will submit via turnitin

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Subject Nursing Pages 2 Style APA


During my clinical day, one of the key events involved the quality of leadership and interprofessional collaboration. In the nursing team led by a registered nurse (RN), the form of leadership was authoritative. The RN rarely acknowledged the input by other team members, which affected the effective functioning of the group.

            The leadership experience during the clinical placement sparked some bitter feelings of dissatisfaction. I was disappointed since I lacked an opportunity to learn from the other team members. Nursing science and knowledge is wide and learning should be a continuous process and through collaboration with other professionals. However, authoritarian leadership style does not support learning from others since the decision-making process is left to one individual. The prejudice experienced involved harsh tone when receiving orders, which resulted in limited motivation and satisfaction.

            To manage the dissatisfaction feelings, the prejudice of harsh tone and lack of an opportunity for other team members to demonstrate their knowledge and competence, I tried to cope with the situation although to an extent I felt the need to complain. My anxiety in this regard emanated from interacting with the team leader without facing embarrassment before other team members. At a point, I tried to explain my thoughts and understanding regarding a particular situation although the efforts were futile.

            The main insight obtained from this situation is the importance of effective leadership in the healthcare sector, which promotes team functioning and interprofessional collaboration. Authoritarian leadership style is ineffective in promoting satisfaction and motivation among the team members. Notably, the decision-making process should be collaborative and every member should have an equal opportunity of sharing the thoughts regarding a clinical health issue. Therefore, organizations should establish an effective working culture and structure as well as a supportive working environment. This introduces the importance of other leadership forms such as transformative and democratic. This knowledge of poor and profound leadership style is essential in my future practice. At a leadership position, I should employ transformative and democratic forms rather than authoritarian.





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