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  1.  Difference Between Leisure and Rest  


    Based on MacDonald (Ordering Your Private World) (Chapter 14), explain your understanding of the differences between “leisure” and “rest.” Do you agree with the author on his concept of Sabbath rest for today? Explain your reasoning. What are some areas of weakness in your current practices surrounding the concept of rest?



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Leisure is regarded as the time set aside by an individual specifically to relax from their daily duties and work. [1]Leisure is also a time whereby a person regains their lost energy from the work session. It sets an opportunity whereby one can develop culturally, spiritually, and socially without considering the social aspect. Leisure mainly involves activities which a person engages in to derive amusement.

                Unlike leisure, McDonald considers rest as a necessity. However, the people have failed to understand rest as a necessity and instead provided it with a perverted meaning. Leisure, also referred to as amusement is regarded as some time taken off work for the sake of enjoyment. However, this is not the case as it comes to rest. With rest, people take time off even from events whereby they derive any form of enjoyment.[2]

                McDonald has established his culture for a Sabbath rest for today. Evidently, McDonald maintains that;

 “The more we want, the more revenue we must produce to get it. The more revenue we must produce, the longer and harder we have to work. So we build larger homes, buy more cars, take on added financial burdens and then find ourselves having to work harder to pay for it all. More work, less rest”.[3]

I agree with McDonald’s culture on the concept of the Sabbath rest. This is based on the fact that people are increasingly overlooking the importance of rest day as they opt to work even on the Sabbath to contain their financial burdens. Evidently, people still display their weakness on their inability to trust God and the fact that he is the provider. The lack of trust in God and his capability to provide for the people has prompted them to allocate extensive amount of time to work until on Sabbath rest days. Furthermore, the people who overlook the Sabbath rest days fail to recognize what is considered as enough, and hence they continue to work within taking time off for the Sabbath.              

                Lack of having enough trust in God and his ability to provide for all my needs is an area of weakness which surrounds the concept of rest. Moreover, the fact that people fail to acknowledge that life is founded on God’s grace and provision is also an area of weakness. Notably, this is considered as difficult lesson for the people to master. Moreover, the lesson is always defined by a trial and error situation for the people to master it.[4] This is reflected in the case of the Israelites when they relied on God to provide them with Manna while they were in the desert as represented in Exodus 16:1-36.

                The fact that I fail  to acknowledge that the Sabbath was meant for my personal good as reflected by the fact that I will continue to work on the day is also a practice suggesting my area of weakness. According to Mark 2:27, it is clear that the Sabbath as established for the humankind and not humankind for the Sabbath” (Mark 2:27). This provides that the people should have a clear understanding of the Sabbath and its requirements rather than focus on making rules to govern the day.



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