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  1. Different perspectives   


    Why is it important to look at situations from different perspectives?


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Why is it important to look at situations from different perspectives?

It is vital to view situations from different perspectives due to various reasons. First, seeing things from a different perspective enables people to get the whole picture, which betters their understanding of the root cause of an issue at hand. As a result, it helps people discover solutions that take into consideration every individual’s emotions. If people only discuss and solve problems from one point of view, they often fail to understand the whole situation and address the issue with limited knowledge.

 Individuals should endeavor to produce win-win solutions when achievable by providing them with diverse states of affairs. Furthermore, individuals should challenge themselves to figure out the result if it ended in a lose/lose, win/win, win /lose, lose/win, and then compare and contrast these choices. For some situations, it is easier to find a win-win solution than others. There are times when one’s needs and interests may appear to far outweigh others’ needs and interests. Still, even if that is the case, individuals need to take the time to step back and look at a problem from everyone’s perspective before coming to that conclusion. Moreover, by looking at things from a different perspective, individuals can develop a mutual understanding, which is essential in preventing conflicts and misunderstandings.  People are often advised to see things from different perspectives including, religious and circumstance perspectives.



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