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Direct Strategy Letter Assignment


DUE: _______________________


The Scenario:

You are the manager of a Best Buy electronics store in St. Catharines.  Part of your duties includes responding to and resolving customer issues.


One of your long-term customers, Perdeep Bharadwaj, filed a complaint about the customer service he received at your location on October 25, 2016.  When he attempted to return a DVD player, he was denied a refund because he had no receipt.  Although the customer service representative was simply following company policy, Mr. Bharadwaj was very upset that he could not receive his money back; he has been a loyal customer who consistently purchases top-of-the-line products from you.  This prompted him to bypass your authority as manager and write a formal letter to the corporate office to seek a full refund.  Corporate office has forwarded the matter back to you so that you may have the opportunity to take care of the issue before they need to intervene.


It is at your discretion to decide whether or not you refund him partially or completely, or issue him a store credit.  Or, perhaps you offer him a partial refund plus a store credit.  Maybe you even handle this situation completely differently.  Regardless of your decision, this situation needs resolving quickly; a customer complaint that ends up in corporate office reflects negatively on you as a manager.  In order to respond formally (and keep a formal record on file), you write Mr. Bharadwaj letter in return, explaining your decision and how it was reached.


Your Task:

Write Mr. Bharadwaj a formal business letter using Direct Strategy as discussed in class.  


You should consider the following:

  • Establish a clear opening paragraph that introduces yourself and gives some context as to why you’re writing. It must also announce the good news.
  • Provide detail to justify your decision in the body: you need to record how you reached your decision and why
  • Highlight overall reader benefits
  • Conclude with “next steps” and necessary reader action, as well as the other necessary components discussed in class


Your Letter will

  • Use clear Direct Strategy to organize the content
  • Follow the guidelines for letter formatting discussed in class – you should use a formal letterhead, as this is from a company
  • Be typed with your signature in pen
  • Be no longer than one page


Important: create detail for addresses and other content


*Please attach this assignment sheet to your submission*


Marking Scheme



Total:     /30


Content & Organization (15 marks)                                                                         /15

  • Direct Introduction (3 marks)
  • concise but with effective information- introduces writer and gives some context
  • clear purpose indicated but doesn’t give a lot of detail
  • gets to the point quickly in the opening paragraph
  • Body (5 marks)
  • fully detailed and specific information provided
  • decision is fully explained, rationalized, and justified
  • reader benefits strategically discussed and emphasized throughout
  • Close (3 marks)
  • reader requirements/the needed action (next steps) from the reader are stated
  • some form of contact information supplied
  • deadline (specific date) stated
  • thanks and goodwill given: cordial closing
  • Tone (2 marks)
  • Polite, professional, personal
  • No negative content or language used
  • Paragraph Structure (2 marks)
  • logically ordered according to Direct Strategy
  • information grouped appropriately
  • topic sentence and supporting sentences for paragraphs; use of transitions


Mechanics & Business Writing Principles (10 marks)                                             /10     

  • accurate spelling, grammar, punctuation, sentence structure
  • business writing principles considered: “you” attitude, reader benefits,

positive language, clear, concise, plain language, inclusive language, etc.


Design/Format (5 marks)                                                                                          /5

  • correct and effective use of letter design and layout (see text and class samples)
  • aesthetically pleasing/professional appearance/balance of white space
  • accurate block formatting (paragraphs aligned along left margin) and

paragraph spacing

  • signature in pen appears in the signature block




**Note: Poor sentence structure and grammar will have an effect on the content**





Subject Functional Writing Pages 4 Style APA


Dear Bharadwaj,

I am {insert name}, the manager of {insert company}. I am writing to you concerning the last incidence where you were not refunded your money despite returning one the item you bought from us due to its malfunctions. Thank you for taking the time to communicate to us why our product did not meet your expectations.  We have every desire to address your needs and provide the best solution available to resolve your issue as soon as possible. The company, therefore, has decided to refund you completely.

This decision has been made following the review of the product which was found to be faulty and the fact that you are one of our loyal customers. While examining the item, our technical team concluded that it had mechanical problems. Also, your loyalty to this adorable company has also facilitated this decision.

While the decision appears positive, it is important to note that, on returning an item you should have the receipts. This is one of the company’s policy, and it is the only way we can identify that the item truly belongs to the firm. It is of significance to note that the customer care desk acted within the laws of the company hence you should not get upset about it.

As with any business like ours, the greatest advertising we can have is word of mouth from a satisfied customer.   It’s my duty to maintain you as a contented customer and will hope to attend to you again in the future. Sorry for any inconveniences.

Thank you,




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