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  1.  Discrete-Mathematics    


    Your HCO has adopted the evidence-based management structure of Chapter 3 and the governance structure of Chapter 4. Its mission, vision, and values resemble Intermountain Health Care


Subject Business Pages 3 Style APA


Strategic scorecard: Summary of the Board’s Shared Values

It is imperative to practice moral values that uphold the goal and objectives of an organization as a component of evidenced based management structure. Integrity is an important practice for healthcare workers. It entails important practices that define the engagement of an individual with other healthcare providers and stakeholders in supporting health facilities in various ways. Leaders with integrity should practice honesty and ethical practice to provide best services for the people they serve. Integrity enhances trust, which is a crucial part of engagement with the colleagues or consumers of the healthcare services.

Health workers should depend on one another to improve the quality of care. The dynamic nature of health practice requires collaborative approach. The motivation and behavior of health workers influenced by trust significantly affect health performance. Trust uplifts the need for communication resulting to increase sharing among members. Team members should understand that the support provided to one another as an individual or team enhances the commitment of members towards realizing the objective of any health organization or institution.  

Members will be required to enhance their performance with the expectations of meeting the highest level. The need to realize excellence in healthcare service starts from the board as it trickles down to individual healthcare providers that are directly involved in provision of healthcare services to the people. Everyone expects excellent services that meet the expectations of the board, the institution, and the health sector at large. The practice of excellence results to services that meet the needs of the people and the management of health facilities. Thus, it is important for members to express the need to support one another to realize the intended excellence in the health sector.

Accountability is a noble practice for any individual put in any position of leadership. Members should accept responsibility for their actions to ensure that things roll out with expectations. The actions and attitudes of members should translate into performance. Members collectively own any mistake that happens within the system and directly relates to the decisions they make. Accountability enhances coordinated health service delivery. The board is part of the governance system for the responsibility of the wellbeing of population. Therefore, it is an essential tool for strengthening of the health systems since it reveals the relationship between those making decisions and the ones implementing the same.

Members are expected to express mutual respect and engage one another in a manner that supports the core objectives of healthcare delivery. Diversity in healthcare is an emerging issue and members must learn to accept and appreciate one another for the role that they perform to enhance wellness and implementation of health objectives in the community. Expressing dignity and empathy towards one another is crucial in fostering positive relationship and respect among members. The culture of disrespect affects the quality of services in the healthcare system. Primarily, it is important to eliminate disparity and create opportunities for members to give their best for the board and the sector.


















Appendix A:

Communication Plan for an Inpatient Unit to Evaluate the Impact of Transformational Leadership Style Compared to Other Leader Styles such as Bureaucratic and Laissez-Faire Leadership in Nurse Engagement, Retention, and Team Member Satisfaction Over the Course of One Year

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