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    : Discuss thedifference between research utilization and evidence-based practice    




Subject Research Analysis Pages 2 Style APA


Research Utilization and Evidence Based Practice (EBP)

An evidence based practice refers to the provision of optimal patient care through the translation of the current research and knowledge into the daily clinical practice. Basically, it is the pursuit of research utilization actively. Research utilization refers to the application of evidence to programs, policies as well as healthcare practices purposely to improve healthcare outcomes (Benneworth & Olmos, 2018). This essay paper will discuss the differences between evidence based practice (EBP) and research utilization as they relate to healthcare.

As a practice, research utilization entails a number of strategies entailing collaborative research and stakeholder engagement, use of knowledge-oriented brokers, using field champions, advocacy and collaboration, among others. It acts as a link between market opportunities and current researches to inform practice, policy and programs purposely to inform new and better research agendas. As a toolkit, research utilization was basically introduced to allow both practitioners and researchers address the existing knowledge-to-practice gap, especially for the groups working within the international reproductive health bracket (Gray, Grove, & Sutherland, 2016). The platform gives users a wider evidence based information which is essential for facilitating the process of research utilization.

Evidence based practice on the other hand is used to help bedside nurses access current researches, clinical related practice guidelines as well as important pertinent information, which is thereafter translated into the daily healthcare practices for optimal patient care. The practice enables practitioners to also make sound clinical decisions regarding how to best promote healthcare among the growing patient population through the integration of best accessible evidence with practitioner expertise and resources to meet the needs (Benneworth & Olmos, 2018), values as well as preferences of patients. Evidence research findings are derived from systematic and legit data sources so that care quality is not compromised.







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