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    Research projects usually require at least a small budget to conduct. Consider what funding sources could be available for research topic. If you have a hypothetical question, you can still look for funding sources based around this.

    Common sources of funding are universities, government departments, government organisations (such as hospitals) and charitable and Non-government foundations.




Subject Research Methodology Pages 3 Style APA


Discussion 8: Research Study Funding Sources

High escalation of healthcare costs in terms of equity, efficiency, and accessibility to medical care puts remarkable tension on most health care systems globally. Furthermore, most medical research studies call for financial support that helps the practitioners carry out deemed research effectively with deserved outcomes (Roberts, and Priest, 2010). This has contributed to alternative funding sources that help bring finances to the system vis-à-vis the normal healthcare financial strategies (Neun, 2009).  Although healthcare systems vary extensively across the world in terms of their financing strategies, it is crucial to appreciate the fact that funding from various sources enhances healthcare research processes, dissemination of medical information, recruitment processes, public engagement, and boosts formulation of health policies mostly in government departments (Van Bekkum, Fergie, and Hilton, 2016).

Some of the most accredited sources of funding for healthcare research study include hospitals, which are mostly interested in finding out the causes of the various diseases, their effects on the patients, and possible new treatment approaches. In the same breath, the healthcare research study is funded by the government which ensures its citizens meet the required basic medical care and attention (Straube, 2013). Furthermore, academic and research organizations, institutions, health professional associations, non-governmental and humanitarian organizations, voluntary medical and health associations, and local governments fund healthcare research studies to promote human health and saving lives (Cruz Rivera et al., 2017). Alternatively, healthcare research studies receive funding from social insurance contributions, domestic incomes, venture capital funds from universities, colleges, charitable and philanthropic institutions. In conclusion, it is crucial to appreciate that healthcare research study plays a very significant role in society for example; it offers relevant data based on different disease risks and trends, treatment measures, common public health preventions, health care costs and patterns of care. For this reason, it is justifiable to offer financial and other types of support that promote its existence and practices.



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