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  1. Disposable People    


    What does our book and the movie for this unit tell you about the downsides of globalization and/or economic development in poor countries? Why and how so many people have been left out of (undeniable) regional progress? What can these individuals, countries, and global community do to fix these problems?


Subject Economics Pages 2 Style APA


Disposable People

According to Kevin Bales’ book, Disposable People, globalization or economic development significantly impacts developing nations. Bales indicate that the evolution of economic globalization and marginalized farming has dismissed developing countries, making them victims of enslavement (Bales 89). Speedy economic development in emerging nations has resulted in exploitation and brutality, ending social systems that might once have defended the most defenseless people.  According to the movie, Slavery: A Global Investigation, the global marketplace has generated immense prosperity in the West but has also generated a corrupt market and slavery in Asia, Africa, South America, and the capitals of the U.S. and Britain (Slavery: A Global Investigation). The movie indicates that the global economy’s rapid evolution has benefited chiefly the West by offering cheap labor from slaves. However, this increased the rate of the slave trade, leaving developing countries vulnerable.

According to the movie and Kevin Bales’ book, many people have been left out in regional progress due to discrimination and exclusion based on identity. Moreover, the legacy of colonization, dispossession of land, territories, and resources are also other factors that have led to many people being left out of the regional progress. Bales’ book and the movie indicate that individuals from developing countries and global communities should create policies that prioritize inclusiveness. Global communities should reorient universal human development policies to reach those left out. Furthermore, governments should ensure that their people have universal access to quality education, healthcare, and other services essential to extending regional progress to everyone. People should consider eradicating barriers to particular groups with special needs, which may be disadvantaged by discriminatory policies and social norms. Kevin Bales emphasizes that the rights of minorities should be granted with anti-discrimination legislation, a fair judicial system, and enhanced access to legal assistance.



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Slavery: A Global Investigation. Directed by Brian Edwards and Kate Blewett. https://topdocumentaryfilms.com/slavery-a-global-investigation/














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