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  1. Effects of Covid-


    Discuss effects of Covid-19 on Entertainment in Vancouver


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Effects of Covid-19 on Entertainment in Vancouver

Point 1

The covid-19 pandemic was first witnessed in china and later spread to all corners of the globe. The pandemic had a huge impact on several areas of the economy and resulted in the complete shutdown of other areas such as international tourism and travel. Just like in other areas of the world, the impacts of covid-19 were felt in Vancouver. The whole economy of Vancouver was hit hard by the pandemic, especially the entertainment industry which includes clubs and pubs. This was further worsened by a lockdown imposed by the government which restricted the movements of the citizens of Vancouver. It is important to note that during the current covid-19 pandemic and lockdown imposed by the government, the survival of pubs and clubs depend on the citizens of Vancouver, as well as the management of these clubs and pubs.


The novel coronavirus had its origins in China and later proliferated to different parts of the world. The scourge caused severe effects on various aspects of the economy, most notably limiting travel and people from visiting other countries. Vancouver too felt the brunt of the deadly virus. It struck at the heart of the region’s entertainment sector, hitting pubs and bars hard. The negative impacts of the virus were exacerbated by the state-mandated restrictions that barred people from their usual travel, work or entertainment schedules (Khan et al. p. 6). However, even amidst the confusion and toll that the virus had taken on this vital sector, the industry was kept afloat by the all-concerted efforts of the people of Vancouver and the individual actions of these establishments themselves.

Khan, Naushad, et al. “Quarantine Role in the Control of Corona Virus in the World and Its Impact on the World Economy.” Available at SSRN 3556940 (2020).



Originating from China, the novel coronavirus impacted the world economy negatively especially in the realms of tours and travel. Its impacts led to the restriction of people, even in Vancouver, from engaging in their routine work, travel and entertainment activities. Entertainment spots in Vancouver were shut (Parnell et al, p.5), and it only through the brave actions of the people living in Vancouver that the industry managed to stay afloat.

Parnell, D., et al. (2020). COVID-19, networks and sport.” Managing Sport and Leisure, 1-7.



Point 2

The lockdown imposed by the government to curb the spread of the disease meant that clubs and pubs could no longer operate alongside other players in the entertainment industry of Vancouver as there was an advisory against social gatherings. Clubs and pubs had to come up with ways of operating in order to stay afloat while the pandemic was ravaging Vancouver. The result was that due to the ban on physical gatherings, clubs would stream their entertainment sessions and offer home delivery services for purchase of their products.


The entertainment sector, together with other related industries in Vancouver that included entertainment joints like clubs were not running following recommendations against social gatherings. This was a consequence of the state mandated lockdown that aimed at preventing the novel virus from spreading (Honey-Roses et al. p. 7). These entertainment joints got innovative even as the deadly pandemic took its toll on the natives of Vancouver. They could not go under. Following the restrictive measures that outlawed people from getting together, the enterprises took their services virtual and got more reliant on taking their products to the customers’ doorsteps instead of waiting for them to come.

Honey-Roses, Jordi, et al. “The impact of COVID-19 on public space: a review of the emerging questions.” (2020).


The state-mandated shutdown led to paralysis in the operations of entertainment spots across Vancouver. To survive, these businesses had to get creative and innovative (Honey-Roses et al. p.8). They therefore resorted to delivering their products to customers’ homes and offering their entertainment virtually.

Honey-Roses, Jordi, et al. “The impact of COVID-19 on public space: a review of the emerging questions.” (2020).



Point 3

With time, there was need to reopen these entertainment joints under certain guidelines issued by health authorities. Clubs and pubs in Vancouver were required to implement and achieve certain social distancing protocols while operating. They were also required to reduce their capacity within the facilities and even offer hand sanitization points. The citizens of Vancouver supported these initiatives by adhering to the set guidelines. The citizens even adopted the use of face masks to protect themselves while using these facilities. Despite the continuous surge in the number of infections in the province, the citizens did not shun using these joints, and as a result the joints remained operational.


The clubs and pubs had to collaborate with the health officials to find a formula for a gradual reopening. The joints had to adhere to particular laid down conditions in order to be in business. The first condition was to limit the number of people within the facilities at any given time and the availing of hand sanitizers for the customers (Lemieux et al. S55). There was a wide embrace of these laid down guidelines by most people in Vancouver. Indeed, they additionally began to use face masks for the sake of their own health while within these premises. When the reported cases began to significantly increase in Vancouver, the inhabitants of the province stuck to their guns and continued to visit these entertainment spots causing their continuous functioning.

Lemieux, Thomas, et al. “Initial impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic on the Canadian labour market.” Canadian Public Policy 46.S1 (2020): S55-S65.





The club and pubs jointly agreed with health officials that for gradual reopening to occur, certain guidelines had to be adhered to. Limiting the number of people within the premise and sanitization were prioritized (Newaz et al. p. 70). These measures were observed by all in addition to the use of face masks so that even when cases began to rise, these businesses still kept operating.

Newaz, Rafayet, et al. “Reforming Income Security to Encourage Work and Learn from the COVID-19 Pandemic.” The Future of Work Post-Pandemic (2020): 70.



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