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    You are now tasked with putting together an informational packet to be handed out to a homeowners’ group about emergency services resources. It will be a handout and should include images you have taken. You will develop this packet about your local department (or one of which you are a member). The homeowners are wanting information about selected topics.
    Describe organizations in your community that provide emergency response services.
    Include fire department apparatus and the use of each type. Describe how each resource mitigates various hazards. Determine which hazards could potentially exist in your area.
    Describe personal protective equipment (ensembles and station wear).
    Include the various facilities and the use they provide.
    Discuss resources needed in your area to address emergency services operations.
    Describe how the community can interact with the fire and emergency services. Who are the designated personnel or roles for education, fire prevention, and other needs?



Subject Business Pages 4 Style APA


Emergency Response Services

Some of the organizations and companies that exist in my community and offer emergency response services include the American National Red Cross, National Association of Firefighters, and World Vision International. These organizations are available and ready to offer their services to all the members of the community. Each one of them offers specific response services in the event of specific disasters.

Emergency Response Organizations

                The American National Red Cross is a humanitarian organization that helps in providing emergency assistance, disaster relief, and provide education on disaster preparedness. The organization helps in offering blood services such as blood donation, carrying out research works, cellular therapies, and offering training services such as health and safety training of the public and disaster services such as floods and fire (Evarts & Stein, 2019). World Vision is an organization that helps by offering, advocacy, and development of humanitarian aid. Originally, it was a charity and missionary service organization meant to meet the emergency needs of those in crisis. The International Association of Firefighters provides fire and emergency services in my community. The organization’s headquarters is in Washington, DC.

Fire Department Apparatus

The fire department apparatus in the International Association of Firefighters includes aerial firefighting. It is the use of aircraft and other aerial resources to combat fire. Such aircraft carry chemicals or water used to fight the fire.


Another apparatus is the helitack (Evarts & Stein,2019). Helitack are groups of wildland firefighters who are transported by helicopters to wildfires. Helicopters help to provide rapid transport to such areas in wildfire situations.


Water tender is another firefighting apparatus that is highly specialized in the transportation of water from a water source to fire scenes. Water tenders are used in situations where there is no functional fire hydrant. The Fire hazard that is likely to exist in my area is open flames and electrical hazards.

Personal Protective Equipment

Station wears are used as work uniforms designed for firefighting. Such wears affect heat stress and breathability (Evarts & Stein, 2019). Flame-resistant station wear should be worn underneath turnout gear. A complete turnout gear comprises a helmet, coat, pants, gloves, hoods, boots, and Self Contained Breathing Apparatus. Protective clothing and ensembles help in protecting the skin from different kinds of health hazards likely to be encountered at a workplace. For effective protection against any kind of hazard, a combination of protective equipment such as personal protective equipment with other protective methods such as exposure control methods is required.          

Some of the personal protective equipment include prescription corrective lenses such as safety spectacles to provide adequate protection against the face and eye hazards. Hard hats are also a piece of personal protective equipment to protect the head from being hit with hard objects, electrical and fire hazards. Protective gloves are also needed to protect the hands against most types of hazards such as burns from the fire.

Required Resources

 In cases where emergency service operations are needed, some of the resources required to achieve a successful operation include trained personnel, communication facilities such as fire alarms, fire protection, and life safety systems, firefighting equipment such as oxygen extinguishers, materials, and supplies, funding, and information about the underlying threats and hazards (Penney, 2019).

The community can interact with the fire and emergency services through city or town council meetings whenever budgets are being discussed (Penney, 2019). It is in such meetings that the fire department presents their requests for equipment and purchase of personal protective equipment and addresses the complaints of the community. Firefighter supervisors and inspectors within the community are the designated personnel to offer education on fire hazards and prevention measures to the community.

Available Resources

In terms of resource allocation, the resources available from national and state organizations in fire and emergency services include funding to help in purchasing fire equipment and personal equipment such as personal protection equipment. Local organizations offer people help in case of a fire hazard, communication and warning technologies, and information about the fire hazard.


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