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    All written projects in this course are to be written using either Times New Roman 12 point or Arial 12 point black font. Paragraphs must be properly indented or double-spaced between paragraphs as directed by your teacher. After reading all the directions below, complete your project as directed below (or as instructed by your teacher):

    The purpose of this project is for you to write an essay based on the examination of the works of Jonathan Swift and Oliver Goldsmith. You are to demonstrate an understanding of their satire, in order to see similarities and/or differences.

    Here is your goal for this assignment:

    • Compare and contrast the social criticism of Goldsmith and Swift to today’s issues.


    Using at least two current newspapers, news magazines, or television news programs, research current political and/or social issues in the U.S. or the world. Choose three or four issues to focus on. The editorial or opinion sections should be especially helpful. Compare the things either Swift or Goldsmith, or both Swift and Goldsmith, found that needed changing in their centuries to today’s issues. What similar issues do we face today?

    Write an essay (at least 500 words) that compares the issues of these two different times. Include your personal perspective on the issues and solutions offered for today’s issues. Are they really issues that need attention as far as you are concerned? Are the solutions offered valid as far as you are concerned?

    Organize your notes and create an outline Utilizing your outline and notes, write the first draft of your essay, making sure that you follow your outline. You must use MLA in-text citations and include a works-cited list to cite your sources. (If necessary, refer to the MLA format sites available in the Reference of this unit.) Revise your first draft and submit the completed essay. Your outline need not be submitted for grading.

    Your essay will be graded based on the following:

    • your attention to the instructions given above
    • thorough, detailed comparison and contrast of the works of Swift and Goldsmith
    • reasonable development and analysis to support your thesis statement
    • correct MLA in-text citation and works-cited format
    • use of proper punctuation, spelling, grammar, and sentence construction (commonly called “conventions”), and appropriate length

    NOTE: Check with your teacher to determine whether there may be other special requirements.

    This project will be graded using the research rubric.


Subject Essay Writing Pages 3 Style APA


  Compare and Contrast the Social Criticism of Goldsmith and Swifts to Today’s Issues

Both Goldsmith and Swift were concerned with a number of issues in their respective countries. The issues were mainly socio-political and touched the basic lives of the common citizens. Goldsmith addressed the issues in England while Swift was concerned with Ireland. However, their works still have relevance and connection to the happenings around the world. This essay will therefore compare and contrast the works of Swifts and Goldsmith. The essay will therefore focus on three issues that are very relevant to those in the society today. These are plight of the poor, politics and immorality.

The plight of the “poor” was a concern to both Goldsmith and Swift. These writers observed income disparities in their respective countries. The rich, as stated by Swift in “A Modest Proposal,” metaphorically “devour,” the poor. In the same manner, Goldsmith also notes in his poem “The Deserted Village,” that the rich man’s joys increase, the poor’s decay. Swift attempts to put a human face on “poverty”. According to him, the poor in Ireland can get out of poverty and be economically productive by killing and selling their year old babies as food. By this expression, Swift attempts to raise shock within the reader and make the reader aware that the mass of the people that are termed as poor are also flesh and blood or human beings with life inside just like the rich. Goldsmith is also not left behind in shining light on the “poor”, he shows this in “The Desert Village’’ that the rich’s greed has displaced the poor from the village. In his poem, “Elegy on a Country Churchyard,” Goldsmith describes the deceased poor buried in a country graveyard as worthy of respect. Today similar situations occur. The gap between the richest and the poorest in terms of wealth is still very wide. Reflecting on Swift and Goldsmith’s reactions and how they are frustrated by the issue, it can easily be deduced that the reach can do anything to alleviate the poor’s suffering. In the society today, the rich are rarely sympathized with and the easy to blame them for their own problems instead of understanding what they are going through.  The leaders blame citizens for their sufferings not knowing that they are the main cause through corruption and looting of the public funds. For example in America which is arguably the world’s greatest economic giant, despite the country’s wealth, many people still strive live there income match not there basic expenditure. Also old people still earn a living instead maybe relaxing and enjoying their retirements.  The government, on other hand, claims no such responsibility. They claim poverty can be fought when peopled decide themselves while they concentrate and spend a lot of cash dealing with less important issues such as empowering the forces based on threats from Iran, Russia or North Korea (Salam, par 1).

On politics and politicians, Swift states that politicians who dislike my overture, and perhaps be so bold to attempt to an dress, that they provide first ask the parents of these mortals, whether they would not at this day return it a bang-up happiness to have been change for pabulum at a year old, in the demeanor I ordain, and thereby have avoided a perpetual guess of misfortunes, as they have since foregone finished (Swift 79.The satire is not used for entrainment, rather, it attracts attention and bring to light the political associated problems in the modern day society. Its addresses how politicians have taken the advantage of their subjects by doing whatever pleases them at the expense of their people’s sufferings. They also pass policies that favor not the common people. They even make false promises and that don’t come to pass in order to hide the weird responses of corruption, hypocrisy, and self-centeredness.  For example, despite “zero poverty” promise in Argentina, poverty is still in then in the rise (Felipe, par 4). The satire also addresses the immorality in the political class as most leaders in the modern world hate to be associated with given graft and always confront those who do so. This is seen as he began by saying “politicians who dislike my overture, and perhaps be so bold to attempt to an dress…” therefore the leaders expect the public be ignorant of their uncouth actions.

Comparing works of both Goldsmith and Swift is a bit complicated since both writers had a common goal. However, it can be noted that Goldsmiths’ approach is gentler than Swift’s. From his works, Goldsmith is seen as a poet of sentiment who tries to touch the heart of the people and raise pity and feeling towards the poor. It touches on important themes such as pity, politics, godliness and need of sense of life. On the other hand, Swift is seen as a satirist who uses shock that composed of the situations that are exaggerated to attempt make people aware of their insensitive nature.

The addressed issues such as immorality, politics and plight of the poor are sensitive matters that require great attention. Therefore a number of solutions that have put forward to address them, they include, breaking down the social barriers, improving public schools and unifying both the rich and the poor, raising minimum wages, tax the rich at a reasonable rate, and educating the mass on political rights and responsibility to avoid immoral behaviors such as ignorance national matters. These solutions are valid however endings these problems require more commitment that is not available in the world today.

From comparing and contrasting the works of both Swift and Goldsmith; it’s easy to capture the themes from the scenes in the work of these two writers that relate to the issues facing our society today. The issues such as plight of the poor and political immorality is still highly evident and therefore there is need for both leaders and general public to be committed to available valid solutions in order to address these issues that get worse day by day. Perhaps we may not end the problems but a significant reduction maybe achieved.






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