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The purpose of this Power Point Presentation is to elaborate on ethical principles and legal concepts related to critical care nursing.
Discuss ethical principles and legal concepts as it relates to caring for a patient in an ICU setting
Apply the components of a systematic, ethical decision-making model in caring for patients in a critical care setting
Describe and discuss ethical and legal concerns related to end-of-life care (2-3 slides)
Discuss concepts of end-of-life care, including palliative care; communication and conflict resolution; withholding or withdrawing therapy; and psychological support of the patient, family members, and healthcare providers (2-3 slides)
Discuss cultural considerations in end-of-life care (2-3 slides)
Describe an ethical situation you have experienced in your place of work or in an EL activity? Please include what you learned from this experience and how it relates to critical care nursing?

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