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  1. Ethnic in Business relationship



    Ethics in business relationships include both the external and internal relationships that develop around the organization. For this assignment, you will focus on the internal relationships that develop inside the organization. Studies have indicated the more positive the environment within the organization, the more productive the employees.

    Research one or a combination of these job-related topics found within organizations: job discrimination; sexual harassment; bullying or unsafe working conditions.

    1. Briefly describe the issue.
    2. Analyze the impact on overall morale, relationships within the organization and ultimately overall productivity levels.
    3. Research a minimum of one company that was caught up in this type of issue.
    4. What best practices might a company implement to avoid negative behavior within their organization?
    5. How would you rate the ethical practices of the company that you chose (excellent, fair or poor)? Explain.





Subject Business Pages 8 Style APA



Sexual harassment deals with sexual attention that is unwanted by a woman, a man, or any individual.  This unwanted attention can occur at school, the workplace, the store and in your home.  Sexual harassment can happen anywhere and at any time.  According to Welsh (1999), “Quid pro quo harassment and hostile environment harassment are two forms of sexual harassment” (p. 170).  In other instances, sex perverts can use threats or other tricks to lure their target into sexual engagements without consent or against free will.  Welsh (1999) argues that “The second type of sexual harassment is that of Hostile Environment Harassment, this type of harassment involves unwanted negative behavior from a person” (p. 170). It is worth noting that such hostile work environments sometimes force employees to quit their job, leading to employee turnover.  Essentially, any company or organization that has its employees quitting because of sexual harassment, it is likely that productivity will fall and the organization shall have a bad reputation. Given the above, the spine of this analysis is to evaluate sexual harassment, its impact on an organization and the measures accompany can put in place to avoid the same.

According to Welsh (1999) “Sexual harassment is linked to anxiety, depression, sleep disturbances, nausea, stress, and headaches.” Sexual harassment can negatively affect a person’s mental state long after the event is over. Not only will the harassment jeopardize that person mentally, but harassment will also affect the company’s productivity due to the pressure sexual harassment can cause.  Sexual harassment has played an enormous role in many companies coming under fire for not thoroughly investigating claims of sexual harassment or just completely overlooking and not acknowledging the issue. Victims of sexual harassment rarely concentrate at work because they suffer from trauma and the fear of the same repeating itself. For such reasons, their productivity falls and impact the entire organization or company.

The Mexican Chipotle Grill came under fire because they ignored a complaint about sexual harassment. In retaliation, the general manager involved other coworkers to also harass the twenty-two-year-old young man for speaking out. According to State News Services (2019) “Melton was awarded $95,000.” The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission sued Chipotle Mexican Grill, in Tampa, Florida, for violating, The Civil Rights Act of 1964.  The company allowed a general restaurant manager to harass her subordinate sexually and retaliate against him after reporting the misconduct. The State News Services (2017) reported that the EEOC’s investigation, “a 22-year-old male shift manager at a Chipotle San Jose store was forced to endure intrusive verbal and physical harassment by his female general manager.” In addition to frequently discussing her own sex life and posting a daily “sex scoreboard” in the main office concerning all the staff’s sex lives, the general manager told the young shift manager that she wanted to suck his genitals, watch him have sex with his girlfriend, and engage in a “threesome.” The sexual harassment and overall harassment took a toll on the individual, and he eventually quit his job. Although he made a complaint, his complaints went unheard. The company did not address any of his allegations, and the young man felt he needed to leave his position. It appeared he did not have a supportive company that puts value into his complaints. 

On another occasion, “Chipotle Mexican Grill lost a court case, with the court declaring that the company must pay their underage victim and her mother a total of eight million dollars.  The company failed to protect a sixteen-year-old from a sexual predator even after the mother notified the predator supervisor. According to Long (2018) “For a company to prevent sexual harassment in the workplace, training and education are essential.” Long (2018) argues that “Employers must protect their workforce from sexual harassment when they learn that it is occurring, said Bradley A. Anderson, acting district director of the EEOC’s Miami District Office.” It amounts to a violation of federal law for an employer to fail to take remedial measures against sexual harassment, and especially where such harassment has been brought to their attention.  

The cardinal rule remains that an employer must take effective and immediate action in terms of investigating sexual harassment at work place regardless of whether the victim is male or female.” Rosa Salazar noted that male workers brought 16.6% of sexual harassment charges filed with the agency in FY 2016 (States News Service, 2017). No matter who you are, the position you are in, ongoing education training is a must. The managers and supervisors must always take care to understand the needs and wants of employee to protect them from sexual harassment at workplace. LaForce (2021) insists that “They are employees too and can also be the target of illegal workplace harassment.” Managers must have tough conversations and build consensus about what constitutes acceptable behavior (LaForce, 2021, p.13)” Companies must teach their employees exactly what sexual harassment is. Employees and the owner must know the exact meaning of sexual harassment; everyone needs proper training to know that sexual harassment is illegal. 

According to My Fast-Food Story (2021) “The Chipotle Company has taken on a zero-tolerance policy for sexual harassment” (p. 28). According to My Fast-Food Story (2021) “It institutes a firm company-wide policy in which outside trainers implement sexual harassment training for all employees annually” (p. 28). To avoid negating behavior within a company, the company should treat all employees fairly and protect them from sexual harassment. The Chipotle Company has taken the necessary steps to improve and protect those working for them by not tolerating sexual harassment by anyone for any reason. Not dealing with a person’s poor ethics say a lot. 

I rate the ethical procedure of the company as fair. The company has taken the necessary steps to improve and protect those working for them by not tolerating sexual harassment and training all staff members to not dealing with anyone who is breaking the law and removing all individuals for their poor ethics habits. Even though they might not have found an absolute remedy to the same, it is evident that the company is headed towards the right direction in terms of curbing sexual harassment at workplace. 

          In conclusion, sexual harassment implies the unwanted or unwelcome sexual conducted that makes the victim feel uncomfortable. The employer bears then cardinal duty of ensuring investigations into the allegations of sexual abuse or harassment as soon as the said allegation reaches his or her desk. Failure to investigate and take remedial measures against the same might invite legal action from relevant authorities within the federal government. Moreover, sexual harassment interferes with the victim`s self esteem and consequently their productivity, which in turn reduces the overall company`s performance. To remedy the same, companies need anti-harassment rules and take stern action against perpetrators of the same as a way of maintaining its reputation. 


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