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  1. – Is there a rationality behind holding racist belief






    “Is there a rationality behind holding racist beliefs?” Do you agree or disagree? Why? Provide reasons for your agreement or disagreement.





Subject Sociology Pages 2 Style APA


Rationality behind Holding Racist Beliefs

Individuals who hold racist beliefs often base their argument on the presumption that each race has distinct characteristics or traits that either make it superior or inferior to other races. Regardless of how ‘true’ or ‘moral’ their justifications may tend to be; I totally disagree that there is a rationality behind holding racial beliefs.  I believe that in this universe, there exist only one race, the human race. As a human race, people have common things they share such as a common dwelling place – the earth, and a basic goal of life which is liberty. Liberty may not necessarily mean the absence of rules, but they need to be enacted in such a manner that ensures that equality prevails among the human race. In my terms, liberty means freedom from all bondages and suffering that limits us from enjoyment and happiness. Therefore, any beliefs that attempts to separate the human race such as discrimination or racial beliefs is against the laws of nature. Hence, there is no rationality behind holding racial beliefs.

Another claim against the presumption that there is a rationality behind holding racist beliefs would be the fact that there are a set of basic rights that each and every individual is entitled. Such as right to life, freedom, be happy; and the freedom of speech and movement. When one holds racial beliefs against another person from a different race, they threaten their right to happiness and the right to existence. The universe offers each human beings equal opportunity to existence and this should be respected by refraining from any sort of discrimination that threatens another individual. Before holding any kind of racist belief, one should be reminded that all humans bleed the same, thus, racist beliefs are unreasonable and unjustifiable.





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