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    Outline: Abiz 1000 Executive Business plan
    The task is to create and executive business plan for a food product of your choice. You
    can locate your business anywhere in the world. It is best to incorporate the things you
    learned in the 12 units of study for this course. you are to submit your executive
    business plan for a food product as a slide deck using Microsoft Powerpoint. Your
    executive business plan is to include the following
    1. Provide a brief description of the business(20 words or less
    2. Create a name for the business and design a logo
    3. Select a location for the business and highlight it on Google Earth map. Describe
    the rationale for your location decision
    4. Create an invoice template for the business. Be sure to include business name
    and coordinates, logo, invoice number, date, customer name and coordinates,
    description of food product, and pricing
    5. Create the front page for a web site for your business
    6. Explain how your food product is differentiated from others. Why will customers
    buy your product rather than the product of the competition?
    7. Add your food product to the least-cost ration formulator for humans. Set a price
    per serving and see if it is selected in the optimal solution. If not, try reducing
    your price. If you are charging more than the”nutritional value”explain why
    customers will pay the higher price- packaging, marketing, taste, preference?
    8. Prepare a detailed list of all of the revenue sources for your food product. Break
    down the revenue by line of product, target customers, and on-line and in-store
    sales Provide revenue volume projections and evidence to support those
    projections for the next twelve months. Provide details of expenses against those
    revenues for the twelve-month period
    9. Outline a marketing plan for your business. Include the marketing mix- product,
    pricing, promotion, and distribution. Also include market segmentation and
    target markets
    10. Outline a human resources strategy for your business Include an assessment of
    current HR capacity, a forecast of HR requirements, expected wage structure, and
    a strategy for recruitment, training and development
    11. Explain how you are going to finance your business Include equity and debt
    financing as well as cash -flow considerations


Subject Business Pages 3 Style APA


  • Executive Business Plan for Fast Foods Business
  • Introduction
  • Fast foods include food which are quick to prepare, and may not require cooking or if any very short time to cook.
  • Examples include Sandwiches, omelette, French fries and fruits or vegetables salads
  • Many people like fast food because they are delicious, nutritious and to ready to eat and available.
  • Business Opportunity
  • The business location is Sidney along Castlereagh St . It is one of the busiest streets in Australia.
  • Following the swelling population and the businesses thriving in the same street, there is a great opportunity for Fast Food business.
  • Majority of the people have tight schedules at their work places and consequently have very limited time to wait for food.
  • Providing Unique and top quality and healthy fast food would meet the needs of majority of the p
  • Location of the Business
  • Rationale for Location
  • The location is ideal for the business because:
  • It is highly populated
  • It is strategic
  • It does not have many similar business
  • Majority of the workers are young people aged between 25 and 45
  • Rent is more affordable
  • Sample of Invoice, Business Logo, location, Client’s name and location
  • Front Page of Web Site
  • Our Uniqueness
  • We have no time limits for delivery
  • We have different tastes, flavors, packaging and strategic Location
  • Have a wide variety of fast food
  • Our package come with nutritional counsels for various categories of people on prescribed diets
  • Menu
  • Revenue
  • Saved capital
  • Borrowing
  • Bank loan
  • Cost cutting
  • Marketing Plan
  • Online marketing
  • Adverts through You tube and Facebook account
  • Price range between $ 5 to $18
  • Place is all the all the surrounding of Sidney
  • Product include fast foods such as French fries, fruit and vegetable salads, Dry fried chicken, hamburgers, and ready to drink fruit juices
  • People and the young working population aged between 25 and 45
  • Human Resource Strategy
  • Open, competitive adverts for post
  • Timely shortlisting for interviews
  • Open transparent practical interview on fast food technologies and marketing strategies
  • Performance based Payment
  • Performance appraisal
















Appendix A:

Communication Plan for an Inpatient Unit to Evaluate the Impact of Transformational Leadership Style Compared to Other Leader Styles such as Bureaucratic and Laissez-Faire Leadership in Nurse Engagement, Retention, and Team Member Satisfaction Over the Course of One Year

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