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  1. There are three parts for this project.

    Part One. Proposal 1000w


    Part Two. Research Essay 3000w

    An academic research essay presents an argument that is backed up by evidence. Evidence may be gathered from previous scholarship, and/or from original empirical, theoretical or interpretive research. Previous scholarship should be critically analysed in order to strengthen your argument, showing where that scholarship may be lacking, or where it is helpful. The structure of an essay is to present the summary of the topic area, and the research question or focus of exploration, then to present a literature review engaging with existing scholarship, followed by the method, the findings, and a conclusion.


    Part Three. Exegesis 1000w

    An exegesis is a critical reflection on your research project in which you outline your process, reflect on any challenges you faced, and how you overcame them. You can also refer to other units of study you have completed, which may have been of assistance to you in completing this assignment, or other knowledge or skills you have acquired during your studies. Exegeses are a popular genre in what is called ‘practice-led research’, where students produce a body of creative work (such as a novel, a sculpture, a piece or journalism) and then bring scholarship and critical reflection to bear on their work, elaborating on its meanings and significance as well as the process of production.

    You should refer to other similar work, such as scholarship for the research essay or other examples of your chosen research genre. These may have inspired you, or you might disagree with them, or build on them. They will provide you with an object (or objects) of comparison to your own work.

    In your exegesis you can also enlarge on what you hoped to achieve by undertaking your research project, what it means to your personally, or how you feel it is culturally significant. You can refer to your ambitions for the future, and how this work may contribute to their fulfillment.

    There are no strict structural requirements, and you can write in the first person. References can be included and will gain you marks, but are not essential.

    If you have produced a journalism project, you will also need to describe your target audience, its demographic features and possible publications/platforms where it could be published or broadcast. 


    • Key characteristics:
      • Argument based on evidence – primary or secondary material
      • Text only (in most cases) sometimes supplemented by data graphics
      • Standard format includes:
        • Introduction/literature review; method; findings; discussion; further research/limitations; conclusion
      • Submission guidelines:

    12 point font Times new Roman or similar

    Double spacing is essential

    Number pages 

    In-text citation with references listed in full at the end of the essay



Subject Essay Writing Pages 5 Style APA


 Exegesis of Research Essay: Influences of Social Media Affordances on Private and Public Relationships

This essay offers a detailed exegetical analysis of the research study on whether the affordances of social media have influenced private and public relationships or not. The essay will cover the process used in coming up with the project, the rationale for selecting that specific project, the challenges faced as well as how they were managed. Recommendations for future research will also be described. Primarily, an understanding of these elements serves to inform individuals about the process necessary for developing a successful research paper. Moreover, a critique of the methodology used helps to determine the validity and reliability of the approaches used in developing the research essay.

The Rationale for Selecting the Topic

The primary reason why I selected the topic is that it helps to evaluate the changes in ties or association among people in a community. Moreover, the topic also helps shape the research into a community project. Primarily, relationships are vital for community developments as they influence all process within a societal setup. For instance, people relate with others if they have a connection between them. Furthermore, a community exists only when many people share a unique attachment to each other. Therefore, evaluating if the affordances of social media have changed the nature of human relationships appeared ideal in evaluating variations in community ties. For instance, the positive effect of social media on private and public relationships means that communities are becoming more cohesive because of social media usage. On the other hand, negative influence on relationship formation and maintenance as a result of social media usage could reflect weak ties within the community.



Reasons for Interest in Relationships and Social Media

The rate of adoption of technology is high in many areas. Primarily, almost all processes are carried out using new techniques and the overlaying reasons for this high adoption rate is the advantages of technology such as high efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and timeliness. I was thus intrigued to understand the specific effects technology has on people and if they were the same as those experienced in industrial processes. Therefore, the selection of social media as a provision of technology was based on the knowledge that it is the most basic and widely used component of technology. Analyzing its effect on human relationships could thus help explain if the technology is ideal for human-specific uses or not.

Project Development Process

The research project began by first identifying the type of project to carry out. In this regard, a community project was preferred because it involved interacting with people and evaluating factors that affect them. After identification of the project type, a topic was selected in which the area of social media and human interactions appeared more convincing than other sections. Completion of topic development led to an engagement in preliminary research about the topic. Primarily, studies were obtained from online databases and existing publications on the topic. Additionally, interviews with community members also helped offer more information on the particular influence of social media on public and private relationships. The outcomes from the study and interviews were noted down and acted as primary data for the research essay. After that, they were analyzed using methods specific to qualitative data since most of them were descriptive statistics. After analysis, the data was interpreted and presented. The outcomes showed that social media has influenced human perceptions about private and public relationships leading to an increase in long-distance associations, limited physical interactions between relating people, and reduced trust levels in online relationships

Methodology Used

I used the descriptive research design, specifically case study for the research essay evaluating the impact of social media on the nature of human relations. The technique was selected because it enabled me to identify specific affordances of social media, features of human interactions affected, and impacts on human perceptions about relationships. Primarily, various scholars such as Pearce, Barta, and Fesenmaier, (2015) have written about descriptive designs, and they state that it is advantageous in offering more details about a phenomenon under investigation. However, according to Ganeshpurkar et al. (2018), the technique fails to answer the question of how meaning that it is not suitable for cause-effect analysis.

Challenges for the Study

Carrying out research work requires finances to cater for the cost involved in moving around, setting up meetings with respondents, and acquiring study material. Since this was individual research, it became difficult to raise the required amount. Another challenge was acquiring respondents from different areas to obtain a general worldview of the effects of social media on the human relationship all over the world. In this regard, acquiring people from far away areas proved to be challenging. Time management was also an issue as most of the activities carried out are involving. Primarily, some studies on the topic offer detailed information thereby requiring more time to analyze them. Therefore, time for other activities is used up.

Managing the Challenges

The issue of finance was solved by minimizing the study variables and scope. In this regard, the focus was on a small area and few respondents thereby meaning that the costs involved stayed low. The challenge of having a large and diversified group of respondents was eliminated by using secondary data sources. They involved publications on the issue, which focused on different demographic groups from varying regions across the world. On the other hand, time management changes were minimized by coming up with a timetable to guide on the maximum amount of time to spend on each activity.

Recommendations and Conclusion

The research essay was effectively carried out as outcomes generated identified the impacts of social media on human interactions. In this regard, the nature of public and private relationships lack extensive physical elements as compared to traditional approaches. Moreover, distance is no longer a barrier to human interactions. Despite these findings, future studies on the topic could be carried out to analyze if people prefer social media usage in relationships or the traditional concepts of extensive physical touch. The analysis will help identify if the concept of social media in relationships is a forced change or if people are advocating for it.


Ganeshpurkar, A., Pandey, V., Asati, S., Maheshwari, R., Tekade, M., & Tekade, R. K. (2018). Experimental Design and Analysis of Variance. In Dosage Form Design Parameters (pp. 281-301). Academic Press

Pearce, K. E., Barta, K., & Fesenmaier, M. A. (2015). The affordances of social networking sites for relational maintenance in a distrustful society: The case of Azerbaijan. Social Media+ Society1(2), 2056305115616150.




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