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  1. Existing job announcement for new hires



    Explain how the existing job announcement for new hires was effective in the past based on the theories and view of leadership through the 1990s. Be specific using examples from course materials and the existing job announcement.
    Explain why the existing job announcement is no longer able to meet the needs of today’s leaders. Support your explanation with examples of the language changes you would recommend to update the job announcement to be consistent with today’s desired leadership characteristics.
    Explain the differences between management and leadership and why it is important for LSN to understand the distinction.
    Memorandum Set Up



Subject Employment Pages 2 Style APA


Based on the contemporary evaluation on how the hiring of new employees has been taking place, it has come to our notice that the existing job announcement for new hires was effective in the past grounded on the report by the Life Science Nutraceuticals. The majority of employees have come to terms with the old leadership criteria with claims that leadership is the cornerstone in building a properly functioning organization.

 Inclusion of leadership skills alongside team building is important for leaders and managers when it comes to improving efficiency and management (Dhyani, Gairola, and Dimri. 2021) Absence of connection within the staff, vision and breakdown in communication are some of the reasons as to why leadership is sinking on the dead end.


In recent job announcements, the requirements are no longer meeting the needs of modern leaders. The major factor that attributes to this is that this organization has ceased to concentrate on individual’s leadership skills but on experiences and academic qualifications. I would therefore request some adjustments in recruitment criteria. For instance, proper communication, efficiency, reliability, and flexibility should be included as key qualifications.


Management and leadership are important factors in an organization and they must function simultaneously even though they don’t mean the same thing (McBain 2012). For LSN to function effectively, there should be a proper understanding of the differences between the two. Failure to involve the two becomes a loophole for poor performance and the fall of the organization. Leadership is the influencing of employees to achieve an objective by using coherent and cohesive means while management is the technique and the approach involved in improving the performance.



Dhyani, A., Gairola, V., & Dimri, R. P. (2021). Role and Importance of Leadership Skills in Hospitality Sector: An Exploratory Study of Hotels in Kumaon Region of Uttarakhand State. Psychology and Education Journal58(2), 8522-8529.

McBain et al (2012), The Business Benefits of Management and Leadership Development, CMI and Penna.


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