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Write an 10+ page paper that includes 1 cover page, 1 page of citation, and an abstract.
I encourage you to reuse your midterm paper and build upon what you already have while addressing some of the comments I left in your paper.
* Formatting
* On your cover page, include this college’s name, your name, class code + section, and date
* Make sure that all pages are numbered
* Ensure that you cite in APA or Chicago format (PLEASE CHECK THE LIBRARY WEBSITE FOR PROPER FORMAT)
* Choose a source or sink and answer the following questions:
* Sources + Sinks
* Identify the source or sink that you selected, and explain why it is important to preserve this source or ensure that we reduce the output for the sink.
* Discuss what targets need to be met in the preservation of the source or reduction for the sink, and why.
* Policy
* Identify existing policies that tackle the issue of preservation and reduction that you have selected.
* Develop a policy proposal that will meet the targets you identified in the preservation of source or reduction of sink that you identified.
* Explain what the cost of your proposed policy will be (ex. Financial cost of implementing the policy, need for a shift toward the consumption of a different resource, etc.)

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