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  1. Explain the difference between political, social, and economic equality.    


Subject Law and governance Pages 2 Style APA


The Difference between Political, Social, and Economic Equality

Political, social, and economic equality are rooted in the egalitarian way of philosophy that upholds human dignity, inalienable rights, human freedom, and human inter-dependence (Fourie, 2012). However, it is crucial to appreciate that people differ in various human attributes; for example, people are different in status, wealth and income, intelligence, achievements, as well as their abilities. This shows that both social and economic equality can be realized vis-à-vis political equality; this is because people aren’t equal in reality hence how they exercise their political autonomy is as well as different (Stoet, & Geary, 2015). However, as social beings, after people have pursued and exercised their political realms, the urge for economic needs suffices.

Political equality is very democratic in its relation with its subjects; it is rooted in the concept of people’s rights and liberty. It holds the view that human beings have inalienable rights and liberty which should not be interfered with by the government in place. The government therefore cannot take advantage and impose any harm upon its own citizens at the expense of the other. In the same breath, political equality denotes the level to which individuals have an equal voice over the decisions made by the ruling government (Beitz, 2021). Social equality on the other hand is rooted in equal relation that upholds equal treatment of individuals in the society irrespective of their race, group, gender, social class, sexual orientation, status, or ethnicity (Fourie, 2012). It may refer to equality of social status in the community, or of treatment as well as of opportunity, equal access to social basic needs as well as services. It abhors legally imposed social class boundaries and discourages discrimination of people in line with their personal identity. Lastly, economic equality refers to the concept that gives people liberty and chance to get a fortune as well as equal accessibility of its usage (Repetto, 2013). It calls for fairness and perennial government involvement because it gives people the liberty of putting basic needs like food on the table.



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