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  1. Skills learned in college to benefit others and society. 


    Explain the skills learned in college to benefit others and society. 


Subject Functional Writing Pages 2 Style APA


How Skills Learned in College can be Utilized to benefit others and Society

            Ever since I was young, I always dreamed of growing up to become someone important who will change society by providing more jobs, and reducing crime rates. That is because I watched many families suffering as a result of crimes done to them. I remember listening to the news with arguments of how crime rates related to high rates of joblessness in the country. Therefore, I always believed that the more job employment opportunities are available, the fewer the crime rates will become. I still support this view today, especially since I have seen a few friends who turned from a life of crime immediately after they got employed. That is why I intend to use my criminal justice and human resource management skills to benefit others and society.

            After graduation, I hope to have acquired skill in terms of problem solving, conflict management, and negotiation. I believe that these skills will complement what I already have as a criminal justice student, such as public speaking and active listening. These skills will enable me electively interact with individuals, thereby impacting positive outcomes in their lives by educating them on the dangers of engaging in crime. I will also present them with various opportunities for making a living. As a result, the society will benefit from this approach since more individuals will be making a living through the legal means that will also promote the economy, rather than opting for criminal behaviour.

I am hopeful because once I graduate, I will be better positioned to offer public speaking sessions and even incorporate my problem solving skills when addressing the youth. The youth are the most vulnerable groups since many are unemployed and likely to get into crime. Fortunately, I will communicate any job opportunities to them by directing them to posted job adverts, and even educating them on the best application processes. I believe that this will influence them to choose right from wrong. My negotiation skill will help in ensuring that they see sense in seeking various kinds of employment opportunities before working hard and moving higher up the hierarchy.

Through problem solving skill, I will have what it takes to analyse society and identify points of weakness by looking at the cause and effect of certain outcomes. Thereafter, recommendations will be prepared on how these loopholes can be dealt with to ensure the youths can also get equal employment opportunities. If the field is levelled, many will find that they do not have to consider other alternatives of making a living. In the company where I will be employed in future, I will use my human resource management position to mentor the youth in the society. I believe that all they need is a little boost so they can finally start growing career wise. Therefore, for the entry level positions, I intend to negotiate with my employers so that the positions are left for the job seeking youth and freshly graduated students. This group of youths has a lot of difficulty getting employed because they have no work experience whatsoever.

            I am looking forward to acquiring more skill and knowledge through the learning process. I believe that I have what it takes to change the current situation in my society, especially since crime is an issue that has become quite dominant. With the skill that I already have, and what I will have acquired upon graduation, I will be in a better position to influence change through educating the public and even offering them opportunities for development. This is how I intend to use the skills learned to benefit others and society.
















Appendix A:

Communication Plan for an Inpatient Unit to Evaluate the Impact of Transformational Leadership Style Compared to Other Leader Styles such as Bureaucratic and Laissez-Faire Leadership in Nurse Engagement, Retention, and Team Member Satisfaction Over the Course of One Year

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