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  1. Scan the external environment for McDonalds. Identify two of the seven elements of the external environment on Figure 2.1 that have influenced McDonalds. Briefly explain how (using data where available). (4)
  2. Use the five forces model to examine McDonald’s industry environment. (Not all are equally evident, but provide depth by using the information from the text.) (7)
  3. Select one of the McDonalds’ competitors evident in the article and perform a competitor analysis. Using the bullets on page 66 discuss:

What are the competitors objectives?
What is competitor’s current strategy?
What are the competitor’s strengths & weaknesses? (4)

  1. Explain which difficulty(s) of internal assessment were evident at McDonalds? (2)
  2. What tangible and intangible resources does McDonalds have? (4)
  3. Explain what capabilities is McDonalds struggling to execute. (4)
  4. If you were Easterbrook, what core competency(s) would you have McDonalds focus upon? Why? (2)

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