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You’ve been assigned as the project manager on a flagship greenfield project for a new leisure / hotel complex in Uzbekistan. Your company has never worked there before, and a preliminary study suggests that local companies have little experience of the technology required and/or major construction projects.
Submit a draft project execution plan (PEP) for the project. The draft is for discussion at the next project steering committee, where you will highlight your recommendations to the steering committee.
You work for an enlightened company, so you do not have to come with concrete decisions if it is too early to make them. Your steering committee also expects
you to lead the project team to make decisions within the agreed project and business objectives. Whilst they want to have an overview and the chance to say ‘Yes/No’, on a limited number of important decisions, they do not expect to make decisions that the project team has the capability and skill to make.
We do not need a complete plan, but as a minimum you should include:
• The key business and project objectives relevant to the project.
• A high-level WBS for the whole project, identifying the main work necessary to achieve the business and project objectives.
• How you will address the challenges of managing a project team that is distributed geographically, along with language and cultural aspects.
• How the project team will be organised and structured.
• An initial project risk register.
• A project procurement strategy that identifies the most critical packages and ideas for how they might be procured.
Unlike a ‘real’ project execution plan, include in your report your reasoning for the main decisions and recommendations – supported by research evidence, and/or explain the process use to make decisions. For the purposes of preparing the PEP you will need to make a range of assumptions about things that would be self-evident or ‘givens’ on a real project – for example your company business strategy and goals, or the outcomes of deliberations within the project team. Providing these are realistic you do not need to justify them.
maximum 2,500 words

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