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  1.  Flu vaccines



     Flu vaccines: getting community to take it and employees at an outpatient clinic for coumadin/COPD/Diabetes    



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Resources for Change Proposal


Strategic planning entails evaluation of the organization and its preparation for the proposed new approaches. In change proposal, resources, including human and financial, are required to ensure a successful implementation process. This discussion entails the resources needed for implementing the strategic plan and change proposal.

Financial resources will be primary in the change proposal and strategic plan. In the flu vaccine project, financial resources will be used to procure the required items and facilitate the change implementation process. The finances are managed under budgeting (Alavipour & Arditi, 2018), and will be used to compensate the community members who will participate in the change implementation process.

Another resource will be human resources/capital. Human resources include the employees and other community members who will assist in the implementation process. The importance of human resources is that they understand the change objectives. Participating in the planning and implementation process ensures that the project or change objectives have been met. Besides the healthcare providers, other community members that will participate in the change implementation process will include volunteers and leaders in various capacities, including religion.

Another critical resource is time. Notably, the change proposal will be implemented over a specific duration. Time will, therefore, be allocated for different activities, including planning, implementation, monitoring, and evaluation (Resenbaum, More, & Steane, 2018). To ensure a successful implementation of the change proposal, time-related tools, such as the Gantt chart and work breakdown structure (WBS) will be developed.

There is also a need for infrastructure and other facilities as resources for implementing the change proposal. Besides the physical area for conducting the vaccinations, such as the organization premises, other facilities, including information and communication devices, will be required. Examples are computers and tablets to facilitate communication and information collection and storage (Bagdasarov, Luo & Wu, 2017). Additionally, facilities for storing the vaccine and means of transport will also be essential for movement.

In summary, implementing the change proposal requires four categories of resources. These include finances, time, human resources, and infrastructure. The resources are combined to ensure the successful implementation of the proposed change and achieve its objectives.



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