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  1.  Foundations of Advanced Practice Nursing: Advanced Pathophysiology,    



    Discuss the Foundations of Advanced Practice Nursing: Advanced Pathophysiology


Subject Nursing Pages 3 Style APA


Action Plan for Exam Preparation

The FHEA exam results were quite impressive and gave me great hopes and morale to continue making preparation for the certification exam required to officially get the PMHNP license. However, an 85% is not equivalent to 100% even though according to the standard pass mark it is a qualification, the higher the points the higher the competence. Therefore, tightening the 15% loopholes and strengthening the 85% would definitely translate to an excellent qualification for certification and the licensing. This action plan will include actions and a study plan. There a number of critical steps to take as I preparation for the certification exam. These tips and also ideas will be helpful in this activity;

  1. Practice confidence.

Considering the certification exam translates that I already hold a vast knowledge on the field and areas of the exam focus hence it only needs confidence and practice to achieve success.

The second action is to maintain a constant review habit on

the exam structure and how questions are developed. This will include the previous FHEA exam undertaken.

  1. Study plan.

I will draft a 7-day study plan which includes a timetable, and a method of study.

2hrs per day study time, using active strategies for learning that is writing and reciting. Divide the material to be covered in chunks. Each day take a new chunk of work on areas of weakness, review on previous work and brush over the strong areas. Set a self-test technique.  to monitor the learning progress.  My weak areas are 3 chapters of the Foundation Advanced Practice Nursing and part of professional role and policy.


Tuesday:                                                                                                                           1-1/2hours


  1. Note down the weak areas on Foundation of Advanced Practice Nursing
  2. Divide the areas and note them on study cards
  3. Write notes on the first study area on the study card.

                                                                                            ½ hour


  1. Take a self-test on the studied area.
  2. Review independent practice competencies.


10-11am (1 hour)

Review notes on Foundation Advanced Practice Nursing

Go through notes on professional role and policy

2 -3 pm (1hour)

Recite question and answer on professional role and policy

Repeat this study routine until the 7th day.



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