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    What impact did Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s administration and the New Deal have on the office of the presidency?   



Subject Administration Pages 3 Style APA


Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s Administration and the New Deal

Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s actions to challenges imparted a precedent change in America for the future. Roosevelt turned to be assiduous when he was elected and ensured that Americans were in safe leadership. His determination enabled him to make various reforms successfully with diverse Democratic party support. This study explores Roosevelt’s impacts on Americans while he was in office as the president.

Roosevelt’s responses to uncertainties revived America’s economy by remodeling the government’s duties and responsibilities to improve the welfare of the Americans (Todd Whitman, 2021). Before he was elected to office, people were burdened by the effects of world war I and lived on their own without relief. Roosevelt initiated programs that improved the lives of Americans such as renovating Tennessee River Valley, creating jobs, and provided flood control systems and hydroelectric power that improved people’s lives economically. These programs led to the formation of labor unions that lifted Americans to sense of purpose and hope for the future.

When Roosevelt was in office, he provided relief aid to the old through old-age insurance, compensation for the unemployed, and social security to Americans which improved their living standards. Garry (2021)  explains that Roosevelt saved the economy with a defibrillator (The New Deal) and declared a holiday for all banks, authorized the treasury to inspect banks and passed the Emergency Banking Act to control economic depression and organize the financial system that was inappropriate for Americans.

Roosevelt’s responses, the New Deal altered governments roles in individual’s lives and regulated crop production in depressed rural areas that ensured consistent food supply for Americans. He focused on improving individual’s healthcare, wellbeing, and welfare through nullification of ‘rugged individualism’ that was practiced by president Hoover and turned the government into people’s helper in response to depression (Garry, 2021).

In conclusion, Roosevelt’s administration was effective and reacted to suit Americans. The New Deal as an instrument of democracy renovated and strengthened the lives of Americans and changed political policies indefinitely in America.




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