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From Jesus to Christ

Explores the period after the crucifixion of Jesus by tracing the beginnings of the “Jesus movement” as Christianity was called in its early years. Summarize in not more than two pages,what you have learned from the movie (issues of interest to you). Also, write down one question that arises from your watching of the film. Be ready to ask your question in class. You will submit a copy of your paper on Canvas by March 28, 2017






Subject Religion Pages 12 Style APA


“From Jesus to Christ” Part Two
“From Jesus to Christ” divulges that Christianity did not rise as one, coherent, and uniform movement, but as one which was noticeable by the variety of opinions, practices, and beliefs. From the initial, it was forged by a conflict as early Christians struggled with Judaism, struck with paganism, confronted the power of the then Roman Empire. The series attempt to understand and comprehend Jesus and the connotation of his message and proposes that their old world of 2,000 years ago is almost the same as the current world. In simple term, it presents an epic story of the rise and development of Christianity (Frei, 2013). With some new and in some cases controversial historical evidence, the series takes observers back in 2000 years to the period and the location where Jesus known as the one of Nazareth once stayed and preached and problems acquainted assumptions and current thoughts about the origin of Christianity.
While the series has got several parts ranging from one to four, part two also known as hour two of the film From Jesus to Christ reconnoiters the time after the crucifixion of Jesus by locating the early stages of “Jesus Movement,” as Christianity was first called in its early years. Looking at the historical indication and archeological findings as well as engaging people in interviews, the film demonstrates early Christians split out dispensing their messages to the non-Jews, while Apostle Paul, in about 50 CE, toured away from the outmoded centers of the Jesus Movement to create new churches in cities around Greco-Roman (Hill, 2014).
Particularly, Paul’s messages to these young worshippers spot the first works of the New Testament. Temporarily, strengthening tensions between Rome and Jews would end in a disastrous Jewish rebellion against Rome, driving the demolition of Jerusalem and its Temple which was the focus of Jewish spiritual life. The film offers a rare and persuasive foretaste at early Christianity. The traumatic failure of this revolt would dramatically affect the future for Jews and Christians.
The First Christian explores the time after the first upheaval, which traces the impact and development of Gospels and observing the gradually hostile relationship between the Jews and Christians. The film explores a bloody Jewish battle against Rome, the second rebellion, evaluating its influence on the movement of Christianity (Hill, 2014). The newscast documents the unusual events of the second and third periods in which Christianity developed from the small Jewish clique to an authorized belief of the Roman Empire.
What factors contribute to the development of such groups over time? What is the effect of the destruction of Jerusalem or the Bar Kochbah revolt in the separation of Judaism and Christianity?
Today people think of Christianity as a distinct religion with many different denominations or camps within it. How does the history assist people to know and understand such developments development? 
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