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    Gender & Technology:Explain how PS4 has its use, purpose, practical and cultural understanding, language, symbolism etc.



Subject Technology Pages 3 Style APA


Gender and Technology

Just like culture media, video games hugely influences the players’ language, thoughts, and perceptions regarding gender roles. Additionally, video game players are inculcated with indirect messages regarding societal expectations. For instance, the predominance of the men in battle related video games inform of the roles of men in a typical society. This write up demonstrates the uses of PS4, its cultural implications, its effects on language and how symbolism is interwoven in PS4 video games.

PS4 is purported to create an environment for the gamers to accomplish specific goals. The gaming environment depicts some behaviors that are socially permissible and those that conflicts societal expectations. For instance, women characters are commonly featured scantily dressed or partially nude in activities involving restaurants and bars, whereas men are formally dressed without showing much skin (Heeter, 2014). This clearly reflects the current happenings in the contemporary society.  On the other hand, the roles given to a player can either be related to women or men behavior as depicted in the gender theory which stipulates the roles of women and men in a typical society (Il’inykh, 2012). In addition, they inculcate a feeling of social worthiness to the players. When they achieve the set targets, they feel good and accomplished. When their respective missions are aborted as result of their inexperience and incompetence in playing a specific game, they hone their skills towards achieving the desirable results. The yearning to accomplish goals informs why PS4 is an entertaining tool for most youngsters.

Ps4 is a powerful tool that can facilitate learning of a language through proactive interaction with other players. Media is the commonest medium through which most people learn a specific language. However, PS4 is a powerful approach towards making a specific language to be memorable. This is attributed to the fact there is a lot of repetition in PS4 gaming environment which makes it easier for a player to remember some vocabularies (Shannon, 2018). Furthermore, when one does not understand how a particular game is played due to language barrier, they are likely to learn the language faster without procrastination. In some compromising situations, the player is required to date specific female characters in a bid to spy on a specific target. This is to the effect that when an empowered female character is used in game design, they are hyper-sexualized and the player needs to address such attitude in a manner to accomplish the mission. As such, PS4 gaming environment offers a perfect environment for learning languages.

Ps4 games do not only develop the language skills of the players, but also inculcate cultural knowledge and awareness. The technology that is adopted in design of the video games makes use of the simulations of real life situations in 3-D. In this regards, it becomes possible for the players to practice communicating in foreign language which they try to learn (Hartley, 2009). Etiquettes is paramount in most video games in a bid to get some missions accomplished. Some phrases that might be used by women spies such as ‘good luck sweetheart’ may not be intended to indicate any form of sexual innuendo, but an illustration of courtesy. As such, not only are players guided on proper communication etiquettes in different societal settings, but are also informed on the norms as well as expectations that are likely to arise in specific situations.

Most PS4 games encapsulates spiritual symbolism. For instance Max Payne is a cop whose family had been assassinated by crooks (Splechta, 2013). Furthermore, he was accused of murder that she never committed, and fell in love with wrong people. It is a pragmatic videogame that showcases why bad things are likely to happen which is also in accordance with Murphy’s Law; whatever can happen will occur. Furthermore, the game depicts scenes where villains are found worshiping the devil while in other scenes devilish books are littered on the floor.

Conclusively, PS4 is a powerful tool that can develop language, influence cultural beliefs, and relay information to players in a symbolic manner. The language learning process is facilitated through the use of PS4 due to the repetitiveness of various commands used by the players to simulate actions. The cultural beliefs in different societies are demonstrated through the behavior depicted by the characters in a video game. This is illustrated in some of the common PS4 video games such as Max Payne.


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