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  1.  Getting on Board with the Organization    


    Using PowerPoint and Word, create 300-word explanation and 3-4 PowerPoint slides showing how to create span of control measures. Discuss how they will be used. Apply forecasting and budgeting to organizational evolution, and explain how scientific management, bureaucratic theory, and administrative theory could be used as a part of the plan. Your explanation should include at least 1 citation and reference.


Subject Administration Pages 2 Style APA


Getting on Board with the Organization

Creating Span of Control 5 Managerial Archetypes

Emphasizing on the target number of the direct reporting on the actual work completed by the team under a manager yields the best outcome in a span of control. To successfully adopt this model, the paper proposes 5 distinct managerial archetypes to act as the standard or guide: Player, coach, supervisor, and the coordinator. The 5 archetypes cover spans that ranges from 3 to 5 and to more than 15 direct reports for every manager. These ranges give the opportunity for flexibility in strategy and execution since every individual has own managerial capabilities.

Planning and Budgeting to Organizational Evolution

Planning and budgeting is basically a three-phased process for identifying and mapping the company’s long and short-term financial objectives.

Planning gives a model for the business’s core objectives for about three to five years

Budgeting highlights how the financial plan will be implemented in month over month, giving specific details like expenses, revenues, cash flow, etc., for a span of one year.

Organization Plan and Management Theories

After implementing the 5 managerial archetype for the span of control, and planning for both short and long-term, the organization need to use managerial theories to help in guiding the team effectively.

Scientific Management: The management needs to use Taylor’s principles which provides that scientific techniques must be adopted in completing tasks and not misjudgments by leaders or persona opinions.

Bureaucratic Theory: The management needs to structure the organization in a hierarchical manner to create order and ensure there is clear rules. Based on this theory, the system needs to have a chain of command, with division of labor and rules that guides organization.

Administrative Theory: Leaders have six major functions including to plan, forecast, coordinate, command and control. The leaders need to follow these principles in organizing and interacting with the teams.


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