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Use this book for the essay : Giovanni and Lusanna: Love and Marriage in Renaissance Florence

  1. What sources created during the Renaissance (primary sources) does Gene Brucker use to write his book and what do these sources show us about who had power in Florence during the Renaissance?
  2. How are Giovanni and/or Lusanna portrayed by their supporter and detractors? What do these depictions tell us about gender expectations of the period?
  3. Judging from the way this trial proceeded, what kinds of people or institutions have the most power in Renaissance Florence?
  4. Consider the different people who surface in this book, what do their lives and testimonies tell us about everyday life in Renaissance Florence?
  5. Pick a person from this book (not Giovanni nor Lusanna). Pretend that person either wrote a diary entry about this case or gossiped with a friend about it. Write that diary entry or record that conversation (no more than a page an a half). Then write a short essay about what this person’s view shows us about expectations people held in Renaissa

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