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  1. Going Green and Job Site Hazards    



    Discuss in great detail how the construction industry is starting to go green and also how are these jobs comparing to regular job sites in the construction industry when it comes to safety.



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Green Construction: Concept and Safety


  • Green construction emerged as an innovative and multifaceted response to the negative impacts on the environment.
  • Green construction acts as the sustainable method that can optimize the efficiency of energy, water, materials, and other building resources.
  • Green buildings are akin to sustainable infrastructure development but also pose safety concerns not experienced in traditional construction.

Background Analysis

  • Green construction is also known as green buildings.
  • It is a paradigm shift from the traditionally accepted architectural design specifications, practices, and standards to sustainable ones that protect the natural environment.
  • Stakeholders are engaged in the design stage where all decisions on building constructions are made to optimize the energy efficiency and health benefits, they offer their owners and users.
  • LEED is a green construction rating technology that is internationally recognized in determining the percentages of green technology incorporated in construction.

Components/Features of Green Construction

The features of green construction are as shown in the figure alongside


  • During construction and operation, building materials contribute to the footprint on the environment
  • Green materials minimize depletion of resources, deterioration of public health, pollution, and energy consumption
  • They are naturally obtained or through sustainable methods of harvesting and management
  • Green materials qualities include energy efficiency, durability, waste minimization, and capacity to be reused or recycled.


  • Design of green buildings is centered on environmental sustainability through minimization of the carbon footprint.
  • Energy efficient appliances, daylighting, and use of renewable sources of energy are some of the energy efficiency initiatives adopted in green construction
  • Smart grid innovation technology also enhances response to energy demand.
  • Health
  • This feature majors on use of non-toxic building materials and products such as emission free and moisture resistant materials.
  • Proper HVAC systems control the humidity levels in buildings
  • Air quality is maintained to eliminate related health complications.
  • Water:
  • Efficient use of water lies on its harvesting, consumption and preservation
  • Grey water and rain water catchment systems focus on recycling water to use on irrigation and sanitization
  • Point of use technologies and lagging pipes reduce water heating hence saving on cost of energy.
  • Green construction saves water in underground and surface structures for future use

Green Construction versus Traditional Construction Safety Concerns

  • Green construction is safer than traditional construction because green construction focuses on prevention through design (PtD)
  • However, green construction site jobs pose a higher risk than the traditional ones as depicted in the following cases:
    • Green technology is unfamiliar to workers exposing them to hazards and injuries
    • There is a higher risk to falls
    • Installing innovative waste management systems exposes workers to hazardous substances
    • There are loose soils and heavy equipment under which electric currents flow posing a risk to workers
    • Reflective roof membranes installation causes eyestrain


  • Green construction strives to meet the buildings maximum material, health, water, and energy efficiency while minimizing the construction costs.
  • Green construction employing the principles of design, water conservation and protection, environmental quality, climate change and risk assessment as well as performance optimization offer the most optimal solutions to the concerns.
  • Green construction is sustainable but not necessarily safer than the traditional methods
  • In future, efforts should be made to reduce the safety risks green construction poses on workers through training, innovative techniques, etc.
















Appendix A:

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