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    2. This week after reading Chapter 9 and the online readings:


    Many Americans have formed their mental images of the Old South form the movie of Margaret Mitchell’s Gone with the Wind. Was her portrait of the antebellum South accurate? Was the region merely a land of large cotton plantations worked by hundreds mostly contented black slaves? [Please read the question carefully, it does not ask you watch the film in order to take part in the discussion]


    Include some reflection after reading “Gouge and Bite” article.


    1. The Underground Railroad by Levi Coffin 1850

    What is the duty of a citizen? When something, morally questionable or even morally wrong, is sanctioned and even actively supported by the government, where does the duty of the citizen lie? Does the citizen oppose the government outright and thereby jeopardize his livelihood and his family’s welfare, or does the good citizen obey the government? Is the answer somewhere in between?



Subject Literature Pages 3 Style APA


Gone with the Wind

            The film Gone with the Wind is a 1939 American movie based on a book by the same title authored by Margaret Mitchell. It is a romantic story set on the slave-managed cotton farms and stars Scarlett O’Hara, the daughter of a plantation owner and her pursuit of her lover (Dirks, 2015). The film has received criticism for the way it portrayed slaves as happy and contented. It brought about change on how black slaves were portrayed in films. Its portrayal of the Southern antebellum was not accurate, as slavery was still a live fact during that period.

Levi Coffin and the Underground Railroad

            In the Underground Railroad, the story is about the informal connection of safe houses and people to help slaves escape captivity from the plantations and escape to Canada and Mexico, it was made up of hidden routes that linked safe houses and the people who helped the slaves through this journey named conductors (Snodgrass, 2015). A citizen’s duty is to assist and ensure that his fellow citizen is not looked down upon and this may at times mean going against the government and doing things that would put them on the edge with the government. The conductors did what the government was against and saved the slaves but put themselves in the conflict zone with the government. A good citizen would obey the government but also see to it that his fellow citizen is well respected by the government as Levi Coffin did.



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Snodgrass, M. E. (2015). The Underground Railroad: An encyclopedia of people, places, and operations. Routledge.


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