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    INDIVIDUAL PARTICIPATION BONUS QUESTION You are going to give a “Ted Talk” type of presentation (you will submit the written version/transcripts of such talk). In this talk, you will include the following: 1) You are an entrepreneur (or financing an entrepreneurial venture/start-up) addressing a major social, environmental, or ethical issue (ideally the one you wrote on your tent card at the beginning of the term for this class). Describe the venture, goals and values, and how it would be financially viable. 2) You will include one (or more) aspects of the advanced corporate finance pillars/parts we covered in class (e.g., real options, strategic risks, LBO, ERM, corporate governance and control…etc.). 3) You will use at least one personal story/experience that is relevant to the venture (e.g., why you care about such an issue and/or how your passion for finance motivates you to find a solution to this problem) Send your submission (word file with maximum of 3 pages, equivalent to about 5 minutes talk) to my attention by e-mail at [email protected] (or [email protected]). Due date: December 20, 2018 (but you are encouraged to submit before that deadline). I will, myself, contribute to this assignment. I will merge all the files (submissions) into one file and post on “Bright Space” assigning random numbers to each submission. If you can guess my own submission, you will have an extra 5% bonus (you can send your guess by e-mail to me after I post the file and before Dec. 23). I will post the final participation marks on Bright Space once ready


Subject Business Pages 5 Style APA


Green Consulting Business Venture

            In the current business environment, there is a dire need for sustainability and eco-friendly business practices. As a result, different governments have come up with various regulations to achieve environmental goals. These environmental sustainability goals have also been incorporated into the organizational goals, and business owners, employees, and manager must now understand the ecological impact of their business operations, services, and products. However, many individuals and business lack the rights information about the environment making it viable to invest in this venture.     

Venture Description

            Driven by the need to make profits while helping keep promoting ecological sustainability, the venture intends to offer information to the public through print media. The purpose of this is to educate people on the importance of environmental conservation. The business will also provide diverse environmental consulting services within the construction industry at a pre-determined fee. Our service offerings include employee training in appropriate environmental management practices such as avoiding contamination; carrying out compliance audit; developing new facilities and processes; planning guidance; public relation and media. The business will conduct compliance audits and provide implementation plans that these organizations can use to redesign their processes.


  1. To help construction companies assess and improve their processes and internal practices regarding ecological impact.
  2. To enlighten members of the public on the significance of conserving the environment and ways to participate in the same.
  • To help construction companies adhere to environmental regulations and achieve their sustainability objectives.


  1. Progressiveness. We intend to continue innovating new ways and equipment applicable in the construction industry to ensure that the organizations in the sector are environment conscious.
  2. Reliability. Currently, many businesses and individuals want to go green, but they lack the necessary information. We intend to bridge this gap by providing reliable information to members of the public about how they can participate in environmental conservation.
  • Commitment. The business is committed to ecological practices and intends to work in an eco-friendly manner and act as an example to other organizations.
  1. Dependability. Other corporate organizations can depend on our services to attain their sustainability goals because we intend to conduct audits and provide comprehensive reports and plans on how their operations can be improved sustainably.
  2. Social and ecological responsibility. It is our responsibility to promote the need for social and ecologically friendly practices in the corporate environment and guide individuals and firms through education and awareness creation on how to incorporate these practices in their daily activities.



Financial Viability

            The business intends to sell magazines about environment conservation and innovative ways to incorporate eco-friendly practice in the workplace. It will require approximately $30,000 in the first three months to cover the initial costs after which the accumulated will be enough to sustain the print media operations. The venture also offers consultation services which will require $25,000 for the first three months. There will be two full-time environmental expert employees earning around $45,000 a year while I am not expected to receive any salary until year three of operation. The venture is expected to finish the first year with a net profit of about $ 375,000(0.001% of the Canadian green consulting industrial revenue 2017) (IBISWorld, 2017), $650,000 in the second year and $945,000 in the third year of operation. These projections are likely to be achieved if we access to tax breaks and grants meant for the green industry.

            However, the profitability of the venture may be affected by business risks. For instance, the enterprise is cost-prohibitive since training, tools, and kits needed to be able to offers consulting programs may be expensive. To meet our corporate governance objectives, we must train our employees and acquire the necessary tools to offer quality services to our clients (Kahan & Rock, 2009). Therefore, we intend to use Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) elements such as the capital market to generate returns to offset the operating expenses.

Personal Experience behind my Interest in Environmental Sustainability

            I once came across an article about energy sustainability. The article depicted that unsustainable energy practices are not only detrimental to the environment but also costly to the individuals and organization involved. Being curious, I decided to conduct a simple experiment in our house during the holiday. In my research, I decided to use electricity consumption in my household as it is the primary source of energy used. I first inquired about the amount spent monthly on electricity bills. We spent $114 on electricity bills monthly. I then decided to come up with ways to efficiently utilize the power in the following month after realizing that lights in most rooms in the house were left on most of the time even when people are not in the rooms. Being a holiday season, I decided to monitor the situation and put off the lights wherever they were not in use. To my surprise, the bill dropped to $83. This convinced me that people lacked the information on eco-friendly practices both at household and corporate levels and motivated me to create awareness of such practices and encourage sustainability.




IBISWorld (2017). Environmental Consulting – Canada Market Research Report. Retrieved from https://www.ibisworld.ca/industry-trends/market-research-reports/professional-scientific-technical-services/environmental-consulting.html          

Kahan, M., & Rock, E. B. (2009). Hedge funds in corporate governance and corporate control (Vol. 389, No. 461, pp. 389-461). ROUTLEDGE in association with GSE Research.  













Appendix A:

Communication Plan for an Inpatient Unit to Evaluate the Impact of Transformational Leadership Style Compared to Other Leader Styles such as Bureaucratic and Laissez-Faire Leadership in Nurse Engagement, Retention, and Team Member Satisfaction Over the Course of One Year

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