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  1. Haiti’s Moïse ‘won’t give up’ on freeing kidnapped clergy


    Analyze the event :Haiti’s Moïse ‘won’t give up’ on freeing kidnapped clergy


Subject Law and governance Pages 3 Style APA


Article Analysis

Link: https://www.bbc.com/news/world-latin-america-56731802

Title: Haiti’s Moïse ‘won’t give up’ on freeing kidnapped clergy

Question #1

Ten people were kidnapped in Haiti, and among them were three catholic clergies, a French nun, and a priest. The news attracted the global attention and the government of Haiti was encouraged to do everything within the law to secure the release of the kidnapped. Among the people in the protest frontline were clergies from various denominations across the world. The president of Haiti, Jovenel Moïse, promised to do everything to ensure that the kidnappers are brought to justice (BBC News, 2021). The victims were seized when they were making their way to install a new parish priest. The gang wants the church to pay a ransom of $1 million dollars. Recently, kidnappings have increased in Haiti, with most victims being directed to the church (Oxford Analytica, 2021). Bishop Pierre-André Dumas said that time had come for the problem to be addressed with finality. Archdiocese of Port-au-Prince released a statement indicating that the level of violence in Haiti had reached a very high level and action had to be taken against the gangs terrorizing the members of the public.

Question #2

This article is interesting to me since it highlights new challenges in the church. Cases of kidnapping of clergies are rare, and everyone is surprised by the new development in Haiti. The church is considered the most holy place and servants of God, such as the clergy are supposed to be respected and encouraged for the good work they do to the society (BBC News, 2021). However, the new criminal developments indicate that they are also not safe from the corruption of the world. That is, they no longer have to work to change the lives of criminals, but also must think of their safety while doing so. The world should take the Haiti case seriously since it could be the new trend among criminal gangs. Clergymen and other church members have become soft sport for kidnappers.

Question #3

The article is significant to the local people and the world due to the sensitive issues it addresses. Firstly, the incident is likely to set a wrong precedence depending on how it is handled. Other gangs in the country could target more clergy when the groups succeed in their mission. Nonetheless, it is a trying moment to the government of Haiti, since the Christian community wants to see the commitment of the government in protecting the church. Catholic is the largest denomination in Haiti and this makes the case of great significance to the government. Globally, the kidnapping has affected France since some of the priests kidnapped are French citizens (BBC News, 2021). Thus, it indicates that violence against the church does not only affect the region of operation, it spills over to the world. Other countries with increased gang activities have to provide security in the worshiping places during major events (Kivland, 2018). The event has created a sense of insecurity in the church and the Haiti incident cannot be treated as an isolated case. The world has to learn the trend in criminal activities, especially against the church and develop mechanisms to prevent the same.

Question #4

Believers should follow the teachings of the Bible to respond to violence aimed towards the church. For instance, instead of seeking revenge, believers should show grace and mercy and turn their attention to the physical and spiritual needs of the people. Nonetheless, the church should focus its grief and anger into compassion for lost sheep such as the kidnapping gangs. The sessions and events cannot be threatened by activities of groups in the society (BBC News, 2021). The believers have to work closely with security officers to ensure that clergy and church members are safe from aggression coming from the local environment. Believers can protest against radical activities towards the church to make the state to take relevant action that protects the church and the society. Believers can organize groups to go to regions experiencing instability to preach peace and change the lives of members of community would otherwise become members of unlawful gangs.



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