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    Hand hygiene performance and beliefs among public university employees


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    Please use attached article entitled “Hand hygiene performance and beliefs among public university employees” for essay discussion. You will find attached on the Manage Orders section:

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Subject Essay Writing Pages 3 Style APA


Critique of a Research Study

Research studies ought to have various features, which make them different from other writings. Some of the most important include the statement of the research problem, use of literature, methodology, study design, and findings as well as a discussion of the results (Babbie, 2017). In using literature, researchers have to ensure that they introduce a certain specific problem and theory related to it. In the methodology section, various variables in the study should be stated as the as the sample size, population, and participants. Additionally, the study should be justified a grounded in literature. This paper critiques the research article by Stedman-Smith, DuBois, & Grey (2015) titled “Hand hygiene performance and beliefs among public university employees”.

Evaluation of the Authors’ Use of Literature

Stedman-Smith, DuBois, & Grey (2015) introduced the problem as a limited generalization of the results due to a relatively small convenience sample. Additionally, the theory of planned behavior (TPB) has been introduced. Moreover, the sample population has been provided as 1600 employees. Critique of literature has been done with citations of the sources used. However, the direction of research questions is not provided as well as a comparison of results with existing literature.

Evaluation of the Research Problem

The author has stated the problem as a small convenience sample, which cannot lead to the generalization of the findings. Additionally, the rationale for the question is clearly stated. However, the statement of the problem is not consistent with the research approach. Nonetheless, the statement shows that the problem will be addressed by using a larger sample. The citations to literature are not current as some are more than ten years old.

Explanation What It Means for a Research Study to be Justified and Grounded in the Literature

A justified study is an authentic research, which espouses an urgent problem. Additionally, the study should have scholarly facts, which support the significance and urgency of the problem. These facts can be statistics, which express the loss of efficiency in previous studies or any unjust inequality (Laureate Education, 2016). A study grounded in literature is a research, which allows the author to either build upon existing literature or counter previously published findings. As such, a study rooted in literature should be organized in a manner that discoveries established will affect previous findings.

Explanation of what It Means for A Problem to Be Original

The originality of a study in research doctorates refers to the ability of the research to formulate a question, which reflects a significant gap in the research literature. Additionally, in professional doctorates, for the study to be original, it must have a description of a significant gap in practice (Walden University Writing Center, 2014). A study, which does not establish any meaningful gap in the literature, cannot be ranked as original.

In conclusion, a research study ought to use literature, state the research problem, be grounded in literature, and original. The article being critiqued has used literature in that theory has been utilized whereas the research problem has been stated. Additionally, the justification of the research problem has been stated clearly. However, findings have not been compared with previous ones. Additionally, sources used in support of the arguments are more than ten years old. A study grounded in literature is one that allows the research to build upon existing research whereas an original study is one that espouses a significant research gap.




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