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In organizations with a diverse base of people as part of operations, the background of personnel becomes a very important aspect. This understanding of someone’s background and belief system is an aspect that cannot, and should not, be ignored. When this occurs, or in many instances is not recognized by the organization or management, issues develop and misunderstandings occur, which can lead to legal issues. There are other instances where there is an underlying cause that creates problems. Regardless, this cannot be allowed to continue and is a violation of many laws and regulations. The actions whether wanted, or unwanted, can develop very quickly into a form of harassment. As you look into the laws that govern organizations, you need to have a good understanding of what harassment is and how to avoid being in this type of situation. For instance, how would you handle religious harassment? How would you deal with an instance of making time for someone to practice their religion during their shift? How would you as a manager deal with other personnel who are observing this and airing their complaints? What type of policy would you create to address this situation?

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