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    Must be from the following book
    Health and Wellness – PHED-2050-07W
    Author: Anspaugh
    Edition: 8th
    ISBN: 9780078022500

    Answer the following using a minimum of 100 words.
    (1) Before I read Chapter 1, I thought wellness was _____.
    (2) Upon reading Chapter 1, I now realized __


Subject Nursing Pages 2 Style APA


Health and Wellness by Anspaugh

Wellness: Concepts and Applications is an informative and revolutionary book that has been authored by David J. Anspaugh. Anspaugh is a renowned author with respect to matters appertaining to wellness. He has authored several other books in that regard. Based on his thoughts as outlined on Chapter 1 of Health and Wellness, it is apparent that optimum health can only be achieved when an individual cognitively makes deliberate choices.

Before I read Chapter 1 (Wellness and Fitness for Life), I thought that wellness was the state of being physically healthy and active and having the ability to carry out the everyday tasks with ease. After reading Chapter 1, I now realize that wellness is a continuous process of being aware of and deliberately making choices that culminate to great existence (Anspaugh 5). Wellness is essentially about making decisions that gradually lead up to being the best version of oneself mentally, physiologically, and emotionally. The seven components of wellness include; spiritual, physical, social, emotional, intellectual, environmental, and occupational.

Wellness is an informative and revolutionary book authored by David J. Anspaugh. Before I read Chapter 1, I thought that wellness was all about the individual. After reading Chapter 1, I realized that wellness can only be achieved holistically.




David, Anspaugh. Wellness: Concepts and Applications. McGraw-Hill Higher Education, 2011.












Appendix A:

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