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  1. Health Research Methods



    Identify and discuss the health research methods



Subject Nursing Pages 3 Style APA



Part 1

                Using the Grossman model, it is accurate to derive that the health rewards are higher for people who earn highly. This assumption is true because when a person has higher wages, chances are higher that he/she will invest a higher amount of money and time of generating a positive health (Hartwig & Sturm 2017). For instance, one can easily invest in effective medical covers and a good home to avoid contracting disease associated with congested locations such as living in slums. The high level of investment experienced, in this case, will be reflected by the high levels of rewards of being healthy (Strulik 2015).

                The Grossman’s model also provides a stand that for an educated person, health can be generated at a lower cost. This factor is true because education enhance the efficiency by which people make use of their input to enhance their health capital (De Jager 2017). The outcome is that the demand for health will be increased (Hartwig, & Jan-Egbert Sturm, 2018). Arguably, health is considered as a resilient capital stock while well days are generated from the health stock whereby efficacy is gained directly since it permits a person to enjoy good health (Koka, Laporte & Ferguson 2014).

Part 2

                At first, a search was carried out involving several terms such as “Community health services” and “Primary Healthcare Services” which are all MeSH terms. The search was carried out alongside a single “Other Term” (Cost and cost Analysis). Only 2 results were generated which prompted the broadening of the search terms. As a result, the final research entailed (Community health services [Other Term]) OR (Cost and cost Analysis [Other Term]). In this case, 46 results were generated whereby 22 were clinical trials, 12 were literature reviews, 10 were systematic reviews, and 2 entailed associated data. Enough studies have not been conducted on the area of cost and cost analysis in community health which explains the limited findings.



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