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  1. Healthcare administration leader ship



    Explain what steps you might recommend as a healthcare administration leader to ensure that your health services organization will address the implications of PPACA.   


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The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act


            The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) is a healthcare legislation passed in the year 2010 to create state funded health insurance covers. It guarantees that most US citizens can purchase health insurance. A critical aspect of PPACA is that it prevents insurance agencies from denying benefits to patients with underlying health conditions (Adkinson, & Chung, 2014). The Act was enacted to minimize the uninsured population across the US and ensure affordability of health insurance service and healthcare. As such, this paper recommends two policies for health service organizations, their benefits to the patient protection and affordable care act implementation. It also details appropriate steps that healthcare administration can follow to ensure that healthcare organization deals with the implications of the PPACA.

Policy Recommendations

 Community Health Centers

Community Health Centers that are established by health care service organizations are likely to support the delivery of basic care services to underserved communities. The stated delivery of care to unwarranted societies should not be restrained by the capacity of the patient to pay. Intuitively, the Affordable Care Act created the Community Health Center Fund that increased health care services to more community health centers across the US (Feldman, Buysse, Hubner, Huffman & Loe, 2015).  Therefore, these centers policy will increase the ability of these communities to access health care services, particularly persons who are more susceptible to health conditions brought about by environmental conditions. By using the community health centers as dictated by Affordable Care Act, the health service organization need to serve as important resources for persons with limited access to health services (Frank, Beronio & Glied, 2014). Moreover, these centers will be a key source of medical care for persons belonging to any age group in the American population.

Improving Mental Health Care Coverage

             Most of the private insurance covers hardly offers or cover various free preventive services to mental condition (Han, Luo & Ku, 2017). As such, implementing increased mental health care plan by health service organization including individuals who have not fulfilled their yearly deductible will be critical to enhancing the coverage of mental health services. The health service organizations should pay attention to the most prevalent causes of mental health and provides care regarding depression screenings, as well as, excessive alcohol intake and counseling. Therefore, implementing mental health care coverage by health service organizations likely to assist most patients who are unable to meet proper counseling and screening services provided at various private healthcare institutions.

Steps for Dealing with the Implications of PPACA

              As a healthcare administration leader, there is need for health services organization to establish whether the health plan of every worker is exempted under the Affordable Care Act and also evaluate whether upholding the status would be in the best interest of the organization. Essentially, health services organization needs to assess whether it is subject to any employer directive offered by PPACA. In case the organization is subject to any mandate by the employer, the proprietor should decide on whether the organization desires to offer health benefits or to bear the effects as described under the reformed law for not providing health benefits (Adkinson & Chung, 2014).

            The health services organization should establish whether the health coverage it provides to workers fulfil the requirements of PPACA regarding affordability. Moreover, there is need for the organization to decide on specific employees who should be given a health coverage plan and establish the provided health plan offers the needed coverage for the real value as required by PPACA (Frank, Beronio & Glied, 2014). Another step entails ensuring the health coverage of the organization aligns with the policies of the organization that fosters adherence to Affordable Care Act. Reportedly, the final two steps should entail the growth of an implementation plan, as well as, the growth of a communication plan. Conclusively, these suggested steps need to ensure the health services organizations deals with and adheres to any implications of PPACA, especially those concerned with the health service coverage of workers.

            In conclusion, the enactment of Affordable Care Act in the US has brought numerous reforms within the healthcare sector. As a healthcare administrator, there is need for health service organization to focus on more community health centers and work on mental health care coverage across the country. Moreover, health services organization need to comply with the provisions of The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act by following the critical steps that would help the organization in dealing with the implications of PPACA.




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