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    hi first of all plagiarism is an offence in Australia so i don’t want to it in my assignments.there are two different one page business plan you need to make it. the first one is about automobile spare parts shop of especially tata truck parts with the combination of supercheap autos in india. because it will be first this type of shop in my city which is rural city of india.so in this u need to make one page business plan according to it how it can successful and how i can target to customers both truck mechanics and truck owners towards me and how supercheap auto attracts to both truck owners and mechanic or normal people. this shop will be combination of automobile spare parts and supercheap autos unders one roof. very important thing u need to make assignment according or following by this first is vision, second mission, third strategies, forth ojectives,fifth action plan. so now i will turn to second business plan second will be any business except to restaurant business but it should be innovative or fresh one any. it should follow same areas like mission, vision, objective,stareategies and action plan.please read it carefully and make best one page business plans. one thing more i don’t need references in these ones.thanks


Subject Business Pages 3 Style APA


Healthy and Healthy Clinic Business Plan


Healthy adolescents to increase productivity of the county and the country


To see a decrease in adolescent sexually transmitted diseases in the county via a holistic approach that will offer education as well as support to adolescents and their families.


By the end of this year, to decrease the reported cases of sexually transmitted diseases in the county by 5 percent.

By the end of this year, the reported knowledge about contraceptives among youths to be increased by 10 percent, in an effort to tame the scourge that has bedeviled the locals.

To get rid of sexually transmitted diseases among adolescents in this county in the next 3 years.


The following strategies will be used to reach the above objectives:

  • Engage tutors in sex education. This strategy is meant to ensure that adolescents receive information about sexually transmitted diseases during class time and hopefully apply it in their daily lives.
  • Help local churches to put into action parent-child awareness gatherings that will help to sensitize them about the potential of their kids being sexually active as well as the potential dangers with regard to sexually transmitted diseases. This strategy is designed to provide both the child and the kid with valuable information regarding sexually transmitted diseases and particularly it seeks to engage parents or guardians in sex life of their kids. 
  • Improve services as well as support. This strategy will involve extension of supervised after-school activities in the learning settings as well as youth organizations. The strategy is meant to ensure that sensitizing adolescents about sexually transmitted diseases goes beyond classroom settings to include youth organization.
  • Modify access barriers as well as increase opportunities. This strategy will look to come up with a school- centered clinic in middle as well as high schools to raise access to information about sexually transmitted diseases and contraceptives for youths that are sexually active. 
  • Transform the penalty of efforts. This strategy will look to offer incentives including recognition gatherings for both adolescent and adult participants who contribute positively to efforts to tame sexually transmitted diseases.

Action plan

The clinic goes into business well aware that it cannot solve an issue such as sexually transmitted diseases among adolescents. Our believe is that by engaging the various components making up the county there is increased likelihood of decreasing sexually transmitted diseases in this population.

However, the following is an action plan to be used:

Action step or actions to be carried out

(tasks be done)

Persons that are responsible for the task (s)

(by whom)

Completion date

(by when)

Resources needed


Create survey to gauge adolescent level of information, attitude, as well as behavior with regard to sexual life

The resident doctor

By the end of this year

Approximately $ 7000 covering help needed during research process

The board members and other actors in the organization

Convene with school county officials to deliberate the manner in which to administer survey

One doctor from each department

By the end of this year

Approximately $ 2000 for help received during administration of survey

All individuals involved in the survey process including board members and survey committee 

for gener

Administering the survey

One doctor from each department

By the end of this year


Survey  committee comprising of members representing various group interests.



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