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Below you will see an email sent to the CEO of Sage Enviro Tech about hotel issues with traveling employees. You will need to create a SOP (Standard Operating Procedure) for booking hotels. Also include a Flow Chart that will help the managers with following the SOP. Your SOP will be two pages and a third page for the Flow Chart.

I wanted to keep you in the loop on a couple issues that are happening regarding hotel utilization. There are still groups not utilizing Hotel Engine and instead are going with direct bill from the hotel. Ruby informed me that one hotel bill has amassed over $40K in charges. These charges have been accruing since June, but they just sent her invoices and demand for payment this week. Obviously, there is no way to keep track of these charges in real time without a PO or using Hotel Engine to book and monitor room charges. I have also booked rooms for employees, and they decided (with their managers approval) to stay in a different hotel that direct bills Sage. Five employees were double booked for almost two weeks. Again, there is no way for me to track that issue. Last issue is an employee went from one job in Louisiana to a New Mexico project and kept his room open at the former hotel. However, on this occasion I did end his hotel stay in Louisiana and booked his room in New Mexico, but the employee requested keeping his room to the desk manager. I wasn’t made aware of it until the Hotel called me asking for payment. That room was charged for 12 days.
I suggest the only way to fix these types of issues is to create and implement a companywide procedure with strict protocols in place. That of course needs to be implemented and approved from company management.

Below is a list of key points to create the S.O.P. I also have a few questions that need to be addressed. If you have time, we can visit about them tomorrow.

  1. All rooms will be booked through Hotel Engine unless approved by upper management (Division managers).
  2. Only approved administrators are approved to book rooms.
  3. Employee must notify Administrator if checking out of hotel earlier than reservation stated. (To receive credit for days not stayed).
  4. No holding rooms when leaving hotel unless approved by division manager.
  5. Any Hotel rate higher than $125/Night, admin will need approval from division manager.

• If hotel offers a lower rate than Hotel Engine, the administrator will work directly with Hotel Engine to secure lower rate.
• Single rooms are allowed for employees staying 3 nights or less
• Double beds are for employees staying longer than 3 nights unless approved by the division manager.

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