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    How many tasks and relationship groups do you belong to? Which would you classify of these groups as information-sharing groups or problem-solving groups? Why? Be specific with at least two examples.


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   Within my circle, there exist tasks and relationship groups which I have joined. The ones I joined are important to me because of the information we share across the board like members. There is much more into group work one can grasp as opposed to working on an individual basis. At the moment I belong to one task and one relationship group. I chose this two only because nowadays most of the groups are formed with negative motives and if one is not careful, you might find yourself in trouble especially with the authorities. Additionally, I weighed on self-believes and interests before joining these groups. The values and virtues I believe in were only found in these two groups that is why I joined them. I will mostly classify these groups as information sharing rather than problem-solving. As young people growing up, we need lots of information concerning life thus, information sharing groups are appropriate in such cases. Even though people believe in experience as the best teacher, it is advisable to listen to our seniors or elders since they have experienced life more than us. The information sharing groups are good because people have the opportunity to meet with one another and strike rapport which enables everyone to share life information freely without restriction. Additionally, the information sharing group provides the members motivational talks which motivates them to work hard in order to achieve the goals they have set in life. An example is where information concerning sexuality and behaviors among young people is relayed to the member in an educative way for them to learn. The second example is people tend to bond well in an information sharing set up because one will feel not obligated to give solutions but rather give opinions on how life it is for members to learn and appreciate.





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