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  1. How Science and technology shapes our society    



    Explain How Science and technology shapes our society    



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How Science and technology shapes our society    

Science and technology relate with our everyday lives broadly and impact world businesses and the society at large. It is definite that technological advances and science have made peoples’ lives simpler and more enjoyable due to the advantages they have offered; it has simplified, enhanced, and upgraded our lives (Naikoo et al., 2018). Although science and technology have already made a significant influence in our daily lives, on the society, and world matters, it is clear that the influence is only growing and people are relying more on technology. People are becoming skilled yet simultaneously more reliant on this technology. This co-dependency might appear safe on its surface, but might affect people in the future. This paper discusses how science and technology shapes our society.

According to the theory of technological determinism, technology, precisely, the social media, conclusively shapes how people reason, feel, and operate and how cultures establish themselves and function (Phoon, 2017). Variations in technology are the main impact on human social relationships and organizational systems, and that social relationships and cultural patterns eventually depend on the scientific and economic establishment of a certain society. Marxism theory has become integrated in modern culture, where the impression that ever-changing technologies change human lives is persistent. For instance, the social media has over the years greatly influenced the U. S presidential election and the young people have greatly participated in it. It is predicted to play a major role in the role of the subsequent presidential elections. The social media has allowed news businesses and people throughout the world to give information to the world within a short time. Social media has changed the way the world socialize. With the internet, people are capable of accessing information about other individuals before meeting them. Social media has transformed how society operates, whether through sharing ideas, sharing news, or transacting businesses.

Chart 1: Survey by PEW research demonstrating how social influences the young American generation

Through the scientific and technological developments, the productive level of modern globalization would not have been achieved. This growth supports associations, communication and employment (Naikoo et al., 2018). The flourishing international market is essentially an effect of this advancement. Apart from the commercial feature, global developments through technological progression fosters harmony as well. It helps to reinforce businesses and political relationships around the world but brings people together through cultural diffusion. For example, it is simple for countries and cultures to relate through social networks and hold businesses operations through videoconferencing.

Another way that science and technology shape the society is the state of information in healthcare and medicine on which researchers work continuously. Consequently, the normal life expectancy is growing every year due to the effort and research of scientists creating medications that is able to deliver the appropriate drug for most illnesses. There have been significant advancements in the medical field concerning the prospects of new drugs that will help in managing and curing some of the deadly diseases (Sommariva, 2018). This has been achieved by science and technological advancements. For example, currently the world is affected by the Covid-19 and everything is at a standstill. Many people have died because the disease has no cure. Currently scientists are depending on science and technological research to come up with a vaccine for this deadly disease. This shows that the society currently depends on science and technology to maintain a healthy life.

Changes related to rapid technological developments have made constant progression of proficient skills an economy needs. The objective of learning can only be attained by reinforcing and adapting existing structures of education.  The call for learning concerns the full range of contemporary technology. Information technologies are exclusively able to offer techniques to meet the growing demand. Distance learning through the internet ranges from accessing self-study curriculum to accomplish electronic classrooms. These computer-based exercise curricula offer flexibility in acquiring educational skills and are inexpensive and applicable than more outdated courses.

In conclusion, science and technology shapes our society. The technological advancements have increased relationship between countries, it has shaped the medical filed as well as improved the education sector. 





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