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  1. How to identify different types of market segments



    Determine how to identify different types of market segments and consider the best marketing strategies for reaching them.

    First, read Chapter 2 in Consumer Behavior and the case study article Under Armour’s Willful Digital Moves. In your blog post, address the following:

    In the case study article, what market segments were identified and what segmentation strategies were implemented?

    What do you believe are four to five key points to remember when implementing segmentation strategies?

    Identify a new market segment that you have noticed recently (during your own shopping experience online, in a commercial ad, or in a secondary resource such as a magazine) that you believe would be a great market to explore. How might you create a segmentation strategy to reach this new market segment?



Subject Business Pages 3 Style APA



Market segments identified in Armour’s Willful Digital Moves.

A advertise fragment may be an aggregation about people who offer you quit offering on that one alternately that’s only the tip of the iceberg regular characteristics, lumped together to advertising purposes. Each showcase fragment is unique, and marketers utilize Different criteria should make A focus showcase for their item or administration. Advertising expert’s methodology every fragment differently, then afterward completely understanding the needs, lifestyles, demographics, and customized of the focus shopper.

The following include the market segments identified:

The fundamental business sector segments that were identifier in this research endeavor were the wellness business what’s more sustenance market, with accentuation of the separated female section. Those methodology might have been to claim of the females over each of these segments Toward demonstrating to that they might do whatever they have any desire Furthermore under defensive layer might have been there will backing them. They looked should overlook female consumers who acted out frequently, needed rec center participation and were intrigued by sustenance.

A possibility new business fragment to under defensive layer with investigate might make a focused corner section of the female wellness market. Specifically, they might target junior female Competitors who assume on a composed game. Those NCAA supports nine sports to ladies over 139 groups across the nation. Sponsorship of these teams, alternately considerably those gifts for attire might present these players with under defensive layer and expand bargains Also perceivability “around school players. Eventually Armour’s perusing focusing on them sooner in life, they might get repeatable clients who are brand loyalists.

Whatever segments they eventually decide with target, it is significant to them should recall several from claiming things. In the compelling reason to watch crazy for those greater part fallacy, particularly over NCAA illustration over. What may be necessary to competitor alternately game might not be necessary to another, anyhow on the table as well, totally of a mixed bag of alternatives on fit everybody in this moved corner segment, they might wind up with excessively awful a lot of people options, over-saturation, expanded costs and amount about other possibility issues.  (brandonsantoblog, 2015)

Points to remember when implementing segmentation strategies.

Includes the following;


  • The urgent part of client discerned quality done procuring furthermore holding gainful clients. Item separation will be regularly in view of fabricating with respect to a quality corner that a firm accepts that is extremely critical of the client. This corner contributes to discerned worth. On the observed quality may be secondary then client sit tight faithful of the result on not after that she might switch of the competitor’s item.
  • Graphically displaying esteem contrasts for deeper seeing, what’s finer internal correspondence. This aide will be building A story that A client might recognizing for. Those superior those knowledges additional need aid the possibilities about interfacing for the possibility clients.
  • Recognizing what’s more selecting significant quality formation alternatives. This could help for expanding the client lifetime worth. Client lifetime quality is the worth of the whole stream for buys that those clients might make over A lifetime for support.(University, 2018)

Recently noticed market segmentation include Safaricom shares, recently after Bob died it was noticed the Safaricom shares dropped drastically and they had to find a new market segmentation. Creating segmentation strategy to reach this to reach this market segmentation include; Analyzing your existing customers, if you have existing customers, start your market segmentation process by performing an audience analysis.


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University, F. F. (2018, may 20). Under Armour’s Willful Digital Moves Marketing Strategy Analysis & Solution. Retrieved from Fern Fort University: http://fernfortuniversity.com/hbr/marketing/strategy/13274-under-armour-s-willful-digital-mov.php







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