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Human Computer Interaction, component and challenges in desig


Subject Computer Technology Pages 2 Style APA


Human computer interaction is the way people interact with computers and how fare computer are or they are not developed for successful interaction with a human beings. Computers mostly influence the human activities, every business uses HCL where by the human user and the computer system come together to accomplish a goal.  Most companies make sure the human computer interaction are well design because poorly design machine can lead to unexpected problems where by organizations may end up making loses due to poor machines.

                Component of HCL

                They are three component which are, the human, the computer and the interaction,. Both of the component are important mostly in business or in any organization. The human or user it means a group of people working together in an organization to achieve a goal by using technology. Business need to store or receive any information for example when the organization need any information they get responses via numbers of input and output channels because every successful business need to know if is getting lose or profit. Second component is computer referred to any technology ranging from desktop computer to large scale computer system, is not that different from human, it store information or produce output.  Organization have common goals to achieve because is important to use a computer to know output and input. Thirdly interaction help the organization to understand what is going on between the user and the system, it address what the user want and what the system does. Which is very useful in any organization to know if the input is worthy after seeing the output.

                Human computer interaction has many ideals, it take place in an open dialog between the user and the computer. Many companies uses machine and the human to achieve the goals because when put together the company get the best output. Human computer interaction is the user’s satisfaction, in communication it draws from supporting knowledge on both the machine and the human side.


                All organization have different challenges but human computer interaction. Promote lifelong learning where by tradition education system are taking time in training to explore and start online learning. Learning through games and come up with best practices of range of ages, motivate the user to continue being patient. Secondly secure the cyberspace it depend with the way organization is because criminal activities and privacy, violation can threaten the user participation in every form of transaction thus making the user to give up in a business. Thirdly encourages reflection, calmness and mindfulness, every organization need to be encourage in the last experience like the reflection about life challenges, the need of less fortune people which is difficult for human computer interaction. The need to have amplify caring and compassion it makes life better for individuals, families and communities who understand the advantages of human computer interaction and make use of it. Stimulate rapid interface learning where by old user enable new users to become experts of technology and learn new things about computer, which is not that easy in any organization. Another challenge is shape the learning health system, a grand opportunity of human computer interaction researcher are there in any organization to come up with massive system which help patient who want wellness clinicians which provide eager to lower the cost. But to provide such meaningful changes in such massive system is very difficult which is a challenge, for a company to be successful is good to interact and come up with a meaningful objectives which help to a achieve the goals of organization



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