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    Title:     Human growth and development

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Subject Biology Pages 3 Style APA


Human growth and development

  1. Cognitive Thinking

The way people think and comprehend issues is usually skewed in a way. Changes in the environment affect the way people think and reason. For instance, waking up and finding that computer technology was not available would mean a lot to many people. In this new worldview, it is obvious that indeed my cognitive view of daily life will be affected.  The first thing to come in the mind is to think about the way forward.  I would want to know what has gone wrong and what will happen in the near future. Nevertheless, life must move on regardless of computers absence, but it would have dealt a blow to my life. Computers have taken a lot of preoccupation as almost every aspect of our lives depends on them. Now, working without computers will be somehow a very tuff beginning. This scenario or realities would have taken us back to the past days when work processes were manual.

  1. Development of Problem Solving Skills

            As people go through different stages of life from childhood to adolescent, to adulthood and older adulthood, their ability to solve problems keep on changing because of the experiences and the learning and trainings they go through.  For instance, I have come to learn that during the adolescent stage, people enhance their problem solving skills through experiences they go through. Adolescents mostly will get to learn through the mistakes and failures they make. They like trying new things and from these experiences, they will come to understand that concept of problem solving. Furthermore, at this stage, most of the parents and guardians usually advise them on the right direction to take. Similarly, mentorship programs enable them to start developing problem solving skills.

  1. Lifespan Development Project

            The saying, “As the twig is bent, so grows the tree” is believed to have originated from Alexander Pope in 1734 (Noer, 2013). The folk theory is currently 284 years. The saying means that people have an opportunity to shape the twigs, which may mean our goals and our lives. Our actions will determine the bearing of our lives. The saying equally applies to our lifespan human development in the sense that during the childhood stage, parents shape and streamline children behaviours. However, as they continue to grow and enter adolescent stage, usually at around 12 years, peer pressure comes in, erodes their values and morals. Peer groups shape and define their destiny as many of them bow to pressures on their peers and definitely losing their moral and values grounded in them.(2017) study employed, there are very little room for generalizing the study’s findings.  


Noer, D. (2013). ‘As the twig is bent, so grows the tree’. Retrieved from:             http://www.greensboro.com/opinion/columns/david-noer-as-the-twig-is-bent-so-grows-            the/article_051b51b8-b8de-11e2-9109-001a4bcf6878.html


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