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    1. Analyses of specific HR practices (approximately 55% of the total length): Describe and critically evaluate two aspects of HR practices that interest your group most. You can describe HR practices that had worked well, and/or HR practices that had not worked well.
      Recommendations (approximately 30% of the total length): For each of the HR practices that you have analyzed, provide suggestions for improvement. Discuss how your suggestions will help the organization better realize its strategy, whether the benefits will outweigh the costs, and whether your suggestions are feasible.

      Use APA formate




Subject Business Pages 2 Style APA


Human Resource Practices

The human resources is a significant department in every organization. In other words, it ensures the wellbeing of employees, as well as the overall performance of an entity. Some of the common practices of the human resources include recruitment, training, staffing, performance management, compensation and benefits, safety turnover, and engagement, just to mention a few (Armstrong & Taylor, 2014). This paper evaluates two aspects of training and performance management including the practices that worked well and those that failed for Celero Solutions Company. It will also provide recommendations for improvement and discuss how they can help Celero Solutions realize its strategy.


Training is one of the human resource practices that is essential in employee development. It entails empowering the employees with the necessary knowledge and skills to do their work effectively through regular training programs, seminars, and conferences, among other avenues (Kehoe & Wright, 2013).  In this case, there are two aspects of the training process that can be highlighted based on the experiences at Celero Solutions. For instance, during the orientation program analysis, we discovered that the new employees were provided with too much information within a short period of time which was overwhelming in some instances. As a result, most of the orientation programs were not efficient in preparing the personnel for their new roles and environment (Kehoe & Wright, 2013). On the other hand, we noted that the refresher training lessons have been successful especially when introducing a new equipment or technology.


Performance Management

Performance management is significant in ensuring that employees stay on track and are in line with the organizational goals and objectives. It entails continuous communication between employees and their supervisors which occurs annually with an objective of achieving organizational goals (Cascio, 2015).  The performance management process is composed of various steps including performance planning, coaching, and reviewing. In this regard, there have been a number of complains concerning the process in the organization. For example, most employees were not satisfied with the coaching and reviewing practices in the company. In other words, they complained that some supervisors were not clear about the organizational goals and objectives during the coaching process (Armstrong& Taylor, 2014). Moreover, others did not review the performance of their subordinates on an annual basis. On the other hand, staff members, particularly, in the management department were comfortable with their supervisors and the performance management practice.


There are various ways in which Celero Solutions can improve its HR practices and realize its objectives. In this case, the company could analyze the needs of its workers during the orientation process and provide them with enough information to familiarize themselves with their roles and work environment. That is to say, analyzing the needs of the employees will ensure that they are not provided with too much or little information thus enhancing the orientation process (Kehoe & Wright, 2013). Similarly, the organization should develop a culture and appropriate policies to facilitate the performance management process and ensure it is conducted effectively. In this regard, these initiatives will help Celero Solutions achieve its strategy by resolving the issues related to its HR practices thus leading to positive outcomes (Armstrong & Taylor, 2014). Furthermore, the recommendations are feasible and cost efficient.

In conclusion, training and performance management are important HR practices that influence the productivity and success of every organization. As a result, policy makers and leaders should ensure that they are conducted appropriately to maximize positive results. Celero Solutions is, therefore recommended to consider and implement the suggested initiatives to mitigate its HR problems and achieve its intended strategy/ objective.


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